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Most allergic reaction now know how to emerge. Pollen, mold or any other sport alerjendeki a harmless protein enters the body, the immune system encounters. The immune system produces antibodies against this protein and a dangerous aggressive fund. At the same allergen enters the body again, antibody (IgE immunoglobulin-known acronym made ​​from the E) caught a protein binds to mast cells or bozofile. The spread of these cells to strong chemicals such as histamine, killing allergens, the developing process leads to symptoms ranging from nasal flows anaphylaxis.

This process disables immune therapy. Very small amount of the physician to the body, the most injection, an allergy is diluted. Injection immunoglobulin G (IgG), called attention to a different antibody. This is an aggressive allergen antibody thinks that microbes. Body in the future "germs" to combat more produce IgG. Captures allergens and IgE antibodies responsible for the frightening symptoms of allergy antibodies without the opportunity to complete the task.

The body produces an allergy antibody IgG components are all loaded enough. They came out to deal with all enlerle allergies, IgE antibodies do not leave work. IgE antibodies are destroyed at the end and allergy sensitivity sonnet ends ene.

Physicians 20 There are four quarter century forces had engaged to develop an immune therapy. This is quite a distance from the subject, although many points of treatment are still inadequate.

Does not always work. Immunity against the treatment of severe allergic reaction to insect stings The person can be life saving. Bee venom therapy against the immune Studies, including at least a limited level of up to 98 percent of patients showed that the section had gained immunity. A variety of airborne pollens, house dust and mold allergens, such as the success rate is very high (at least 80 per cent). Showing over allergic skin rashes in cats and dogs, hair-has a chance to benefit from the immune therapy.

They are immune to the allergens outside the therapy is a proven success. For example, plants such as the skin and nickel allergies, IgE levels were not associated with the immune response of a body will not respond to treatment. That includes the reaction of many nutrients. Or down to things like perfume, smoke, strong chemicals, such as improvement shown duyarlılıklarda guaranteed.

Immune therapy works, list of allergies is growing. How to extract the many allergy researchers will dardize öğrenmesiyle standard, but are taken in better treatment outcomes. But for now, some other choice but to learn to avoid the face widths do not have allergies.

Not suitable for everyone. Be presumed immune status of candidate for the treatment of allergy specialist even before the patient looks for certain criteria:

Allergy symptoms can last for years, the implementation of a treatment of severe to constitute a justification? Is it creating serious problems in terms of daily life?

Skin test or RAST (radyoalerjosorban test) detected with the help of a problematic allergen allergen enters the body in everyday life is the same in the konabiliyor doubt Do not leave?

Do all measures were taken to reduce contact with allergens? Bed and pillow covers was to prevent the passage of components of allergy? Windows is shutting down at night, washes clothes and bed linen in hot water do?

Is it impossible to avoid things that cause allergy? For example, the problem is caused by cats, other animals in the house than it would be appropriate to call a home. But allergy sprung out of a kittens, cats, close contact is inevitable.

Does the job and leads to a loss of allergies in school when?

Even when large amounts of allergy medication does not resolve the problem?
Substances listed above are just the beginning. This fits the standards, even if the doctor will want to clarify many other people point:

Alerjiyle about the possible reactions during injections when treating a medical condition that does cause problems? Uncontrolled chest pain (angina pectoris), or if you have a heart attack recently geçirilmişse, lethal injection of adrenaline may be dangerous. Beta-blocker because of high blood pressure or heart problems, immune therapy is not suitable for use.

Necessary to show compliance with the patient? Immune therapy for a long time and during this time span should be acting in accordance with physician's recommendations. Immune therapy is often forgets to take pills or not according to people who have the habit of ending his own treatment. This must be very patient for treatment.

Adequate be contacted? Anaphylaxis is a possible side effect of immune therapy. Though rare, but the symptoms of anaphylactic shock can be fatal in people bildiremeyen physicians. Therefore, a small (four years, around six) guys, and those with mental or psychological problems are forced to explain the status of persons are not good candidates for this treatment.

Immunity has long been used in the treatment of patients with severe asthma. Asthma is an allergic reaction, but not entirely, in many cases, trigger asthma attacks and allergens such as mold and pollen. Various studies showed that immune therapy could be effective against asthma. But a recent survey, according to today's improved medications for the treatment of asthma may not be seeing the benefit of the children and asked to behave prudently. This results in the field of allergy research, and created a heated debate about how to be tracked in a way not yet achieved consensus. Currently, you have to do something, talk to your doctor and the allergy specialist will decide this issue should be immune therapy Children died.

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