Expectations in the Treatment of Allergy


Perceived as a good candidate for the treatment begins with injections of immune. Allergy commonly develops against more than one substance, along with most of the needles are several allergies. Allergens initially extremely watered. Dilution typically is about 1.000:1, but was taken to further dilution ratios can also be used as 10,000:1.

After the injection a physician's office for a while (usually 20 minutes) should stay because it may develop a reaction to the needle. As a result of the substance your body makes you an allergy drug. Therefore, during treatment, the needle against the mild, local reactions, swelling at the injection site is likely. After leaving the clinic develops other symptoms, call your doctor provide information about these reactions. Cold compresses and antihistamines reduce local swelling. But the first doctor to get their views would be more appropriate.

About 10 percent of cases overall, systemic response that may occur. This is cast in the form of hives may be far from the injection site, may also become more serious. Chest tightness, breathing difficulties, dizziness, swelling of tongue and lips, which can cause symptoms such as feeling a complete collapse in anaphylaxis may develop. In such a situation at the beginning of therapy or more are encountered during the renewal of injection solutions. Immune therapy under the supervision of physicians, anaphylaxis is a clinical intervention that can be done where the hardware is extremely important. soruşturun not supplied to the needle satisfies these conditions before.
Immune therapy in general is very safe, but there are risks. The needle against the United States each year, few people die of anaphylactic reaction. This needle every three million is a ratio corresponding to a fatal incident.

Treatment is usually at least once a week for 16-20 weeks is a needle or two, things goes well, a slight improvement is felt within four to six months. But this is not necessarily the case.

Sometimes two or three years to ensure the highest level finds improvement. Improvements in allergy specialist to determine the state assesses the patient at least once a year.

According to the body's response to each injection, the doctor gradually increases the amount of allergen. Months spread 1,000 times more powerful in the process, according to the initial level to reach a targeted solution. This tolerance level is a real show in a clear sign against the allergen. But the process always a straight line track. Likely to respond at some point in the treatment of the body in a reverse allergen. In this case, an allergy specialist in order to give the body a chance to create their own tolerance in order to slow down the process.

Solutions at least diluted by the body after the adoption of the maintenance phase of injections takes place.

Needles regular basis (every two to four weeks) is maintained, but the dose is approximately the same level. The length of the maintenance phase of the immune system depends on the behavior. Many experts over the disappearance of the symptoms of allergies allergies prefers to wait until a year and only then decides to stop treatment. The whole process could take four to six years.
Immune therapy does not work in everybody. Benefit from the treatment can not be achieved, maintaining there is no point needles. Moreover, such a treatment will come out very dearly the obvious. Also be seen as another perspective on cost alone. In case of successful treatment of allergy symptoms will not feel immune to the long period of time, made ​​for this purpose will be finished in drug spending.

Injections are very few problems after the hearing because of allergy can be comfortable for a long time. This time period months, years or may take a lifetime. Many people with mild allergy symptoms re-emerge. The immune system sees as an aggressive foreign allergen still remember. IgG antibodies in the immune therapy caused by allergens of IgE antibodies were caught passes es leads to the body react. Fortunately, the symptoms are usually much lighter than before and can be treated with drugs. Symptoms şiddetlenirse, acquired control of the situation until the need to apply for re-allergy injections.

As we have seen, immune therapy has serious shortcomings. Therefore, before starting treatment should evaluate the current situation, well worth tartmalısınız yapacaklarınıza. Allergy symptoms of a serious threat to your health or daily life does not, the immune therapy may not be suitable for you.

Naturally, the researchers investigating ways to improve the treatment of allergies. Real vaccines provide immunity against allergens actually pregnant the next day.

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