Homeopathy - Neutralization Treatment

Do bogus treatments Reputation

Allergies can sometimes knock canınıza so that you can settle for everything to heal. The bad side, expect to provide the proposed improvement, but I have treated a lot of accuracy around unproven and even dangerous.

Here are a few treatments to fling to the winds as:

Neutralization therapy

People who believe this treatment, the body excite a small amount of an allergen to get full contact with the allergen in question claims to be protective. On the basis of the treatment: allergen extract under the tongue or damlatılıyor is given by injection. Soon began to feel the symptoms of allergies or contact with an allergen UVCB cases expected to be asked.

Known immune therapy seems to be a bit looks like, this is an unproven approach to practice and might be dangerous, especially when used in relation to food alerjisiyle.

Injections of autologous urine

Believe it or not, some people allergies can prevent one's own urine of claims that received the injection will be an example. This theory is found in the urine of a substance called proteose eliminate allergic reactions based on Savina. Reaffirm, no evidence indicates that this method works well. Some experts in the dangerous situations may arise in the urine when given substances to the body is remarkable.

Diet and vitamin therapy

Feeding schemes or by applying a variety of complex vitamins, amino acids and other substances by the body's allergic response to more defenders are prevented. Accuracy of this approach is unproven, made ​​radical changes to diet or take vitamins in excess may even be dangerous.

Some simple changes in diet to avoid food allergies be a very different thing. Avoid foods that cause the body's reaction, is a proven way to get rid of food allergies.


This is a small amount of people who believe in the treatment of allergic reactions to food or plant extracts can prevent swallowing claim. Gaining popularity in the West as an alternative health philosophy of homeopathy is strong evidence to support this approach.

An Alternative Method

Injections described here is based on continuous treatment, usually due to give the best result is a method often preferred by the physician. But there is an alternative method. Envisages a more aggressive approach in this expedited treatment, the days can be expressed in a limited tolerance to allergens can be achieved within a period of time. Against insect bites, especially in people who need a quick, this method is applied to protect. Person who received the treatment at intervals of as little as one hour a day is more than one injection. Doses are given rapidly increases the likelihood of developing an allergic reaction. While antihistamines and corticosteroids to prevent reactions to the use of needles may be requested. Accelerated due to the high risk in this regard only to immune therapy should be carried out under the supervision of an experienced specialist. Serious reactions such as anaphylaxis is vital in finding the conditions that can be seen immediately.

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