Allergy and Immune Therapy

So far, focusing on two main approaches in the fight against alerjiyle. The first approach, avoiding: respiratory allergens, beverage, food or through contact Prevent from entering your body, thoroughly cleanse your home of allergens and balance, a little wasp like insects away from the drug, the second approach. Many drugs such as allergy and asthma symptoms can help to resolve more serious problems.

Now a third option, we'll discuss allergy vaccination, also known as immune therapy. This method is promising something that others can not: that is the problem pollens, mold spores and other allergens chance of depersonalization.

Precisely eliminate allergy immune therapy. Greatly lessens the risk of allergic reaction, far from being perfect. For one thing, do not fit everyone. Some people are suited to this treatment than others. Some allergens success is higher. The treatment process is long. For best results, you may need years. During this time, dozens of times will increase the cost of the vaccine. Developed against the allergen tolerance may not last a lifetime.

But the treatment of serious or persistent allergic immune responses in the face of a charm can win big. Now let's look at the issue a little more closely.

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