Food Poisoning and Food Allergies

Food poisoning is different from the rejection of food. Denial of food found naturally in foods or substances added intentionally to develop them. Food poisoning is caused by organisms transmitted in foods such as Salmonella spp. Improper procedures, inadequate cooling, insects and other factors, may lead to deterioration of foods. Dirty water can affect the nutrients. Maybe weird, but cut before the poisonous plant-eating animal, even a butcher can be a problem.

Food allergies and food rejection as a feature in a different, slightly delayed the emergence of food poisoning. Symptoms in minutes, not hours or even a hiatus or two days after the worse. Eating the same contaminated source sürdürmedikçe, usually a kereliktir event. Once you eat potato salad potato salad is corrupted or does not become sensitive to the food does not lead to a denial.

Other Issues

Sometimes a temporary sensitivity to foods may develop. For example, the captured virus infection in the child's body may reject the milk for a while. Ulcer, cancer or other illness, may reveal previously non-food sensitivities. The same situation may develop in those who treat depression with drugs such as monoamine oxidase inhibitors.
Rarely will lead to psychological problems in response to nutrients. Reminiscent of a bad event happened to a certain food and then eaten, can cause symptoms resembling allergic reaction. To overcome this situation may need to be treated.

Should be done a little review

Behold, there is an old joke. A man goes to the doctor for neck pain. "He hurts we make," he turns his neck to one side quickly. "My brother," says the doctor, "you do so."
Food allergies on the way to solve the same: If you sick to eat certain foods, do not eat those foods. This is only for food allergies, but also applies to denial of food. There is no magic pill or a treatment inscrutable. Peanut butter doğuruyorsa bad results, bread will find something else.

Of course, the food problem which is making this proposal we assume that you know has done. It is not always easy to know. Each lobster is yiyişinizde hives döküyorsanız problem. Well, it's unclear if a food allergy? Or symptoms occurs after a certain amount of an allergen? Dedicate some time to solve the problem of difficult jobs such cases, need to show some attention. The other choice but may not receive specialist support to resolve the problem.

Begin by keeping food diary to work. It's really not difficult at all. Just save everything you eat. Make sure to specify the time. Be on the lookout for symptoms that may occur after meals. One of the symptoms of allergy or food refusal occurred and immediately note the mark.

A reaction occurs, save the contents of the foods you eat. What type koyduysanız cooked meal. Stock food, if you make a note of the label or store the table of contents. Sooner or later you will begin to notice the links. Maybe after eating foods made ​​from egg whites gösteriyorsunuzdur responses. Perhaps the problem is, you keep the list is because of the contribution of a food preservative. That is found suspicious circumstances, a period of time that the contribution of foods or nutrients to avoid. During this time, not come out the symptoms, the problem is solved on your own, most likely.

But you can not always so lucky. Symptoms persist in a few weeks and could not identify the exact source, now it is time to apply to the physician. Allergy specialists are difficult to detect food allergies and food refusal to find the correct result when passed an education. In addition, the experience gained could save you hours of having gastrointestinal disasters.

The physician will want to know before the story of food reaction. Having Problems Since when? Symptoms do immediately after a meal, or you are starting an hour after a long period of time? Prepare your food yourself, or do you think it was a rare? Yeğliyorsunuz more raw foods? (Cooking destroys allergens, sometimes.) Disturb others in the same foods do you have? Do you exercise immediately after a meal? (Some people in the exercise alone, meal, and then pulls out the reactions.) Have intense reactions of the year a certain period? (Some people are allergic to pollen-profit-puz eat melon, only the times of high pollen levels leads to an allergic reaction.) Give all the answers to these questions accurately could reveal the cause of developing reactions.

In this way a result can not be retrieved, again return to a diet diary. Missed the point that you can capture the eyes of an experienced physician. The physician concluded that it finds a possible charge of independent enterprises, then the method of elimination elimination diet or nutrition program, called the process can start. This method does not contain the substance thought to cause issues to understand the reactions disappear kaybolmayacağını foods eaten. The result is taken to eat again, this time by asking the physician suspicious substance did not come out and want to see the responses. Reaction occurs, the problem was most likely. Questionable food should be eaten only under the supervision of physicians. This measure is particularly strong reactions to people who previously applies to the allergen.

Resolving the problem of the physician is sure that the tests could last. If you have doubts, but still passes the other transactions. The first skin test. A suspicious amount of diluted allergen into the skin, often placed in the arm. Skin allergic reaction in advance to be able to react with the body slightly scratched or punctured. Related skin redness or swelling occurs in the body produces IgE antibodies against allergens can be said.

Skin tests are quick and simple. But it can not be trusted 100 percent. Because the emergence of a skin reaction, a reaction that surely will arise in the allergen does not mean that you eat. And on the basis of a history of previous tests, the doctor gives the final decision.

Another way to assess the presence of antibodies specific for the bloodstream is to do a blood test. Two of the most common and most reliable test RAST (radyoalerjosorban test) and ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent test). Both tests detect IgE antibodies in the stable. But as in skin tests to be carrying antibodies alone, does not necessarily mean that there is a food allergy. Also more expensive than blood tests, skin tests and the results can be periods of time ranging from several days to one week.

The final test is a test of the method, double-blind food. Many experts believe that this method is the most reliable test. During the test, the person complaining is given capsules containing extracts of different nutrients. Some of these extracts only for that person is suspected allergens. The physician notes the patient's reaction to each capsule. Both the physician and the patient does not know the test until the ingredients in capsules (test "double blind" is the reason why is called).

Double-blind food allergy test food to determine the exact format is extremely successful. In this way, the patient's problem caused by the misleading effect would create a sense of some foods kapıldığı is also excluded. But the test is not suitable for everyone. Severe reaction to food allergens that may cause inconvenience to take as one of the capsules. This test also can be expensive and require a long time to waste.

As with all the allergy, food allergies or food the best remedy for a denial of the problem, leading to sakınmaktır foods. If you are eating meals prepared at home, your business is considered quite easy. Only packaged food labels have to be careful. If you know the problem you have created a food contribution, you must make sure that you receive the product does not contain this substance. I do not read the label savsaklamayın long list.

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