Allergen Containing Foods

Sometimes the most palatable food allergens may be hidden. Here you can find them in some surprising sources:

Milk: Stock meat dishes, a variety of ice cream (ice cream, even outside the varieties), cream soups, sauces, tuna salad, margarine.

Eggs: Bakery products, mayonnaise, pasta. Eggs can be found in egg white counterparts, even the products used.

Wheat: Pasta, Swiss cheese, ice cream. The label "natural" sweeteners "by products is risky.

Peanut: Tart overlay, Mexican food, Thai food. Even peanut butter chili dressings used as a thickener.

The other nuts: Salad dressings, sauces and a variety of pastries.
In line with the growing demand of consumers is increasing the number of firms producing artificial nutrients. So often creates problems of milk, eggs and wheat instead of nutrients, such as the widespread use them.
Yiyişinizde out every meal, remember that you are forcing your chances of food alerjisiyle. Find out what is going on in the food to be put in front of you. "I do not know," a type of heresy karşılıkla. Kindly explain that some food allergies.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) If you are a bad reaction, ask for the preparation of a meal does not contain this material. Note that commonly used in Chinese cuisine, especially MSG'nin. MSG with food refusal, in fact, also known as Chinese restaurant syndrome.

Sometimes an allergen enters your body creates a slight response. In such cases, itching and swelling is suggested by your doctor can treat a antihistaminikle. Recover more quickly from the edge "off your body's response to drug you can get help.

P. A list of antihistamines 145'te is located. To reduce the response in the event of an asthma attack, use bronkodilatörünüzü. Gut related symptoms improves with time.
Food allergies will receive pre-medication can not block. Useful only after the occurrence of an allergic reaction to medication.

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