Anaphylaxis and Anaphylactic

A true food allergy is difficult to tell the difference between the denial of food. In some cases, this distinction does not matter much. Both lead and the best thing to feel unwell, yememektir problematic foods.

But the distinction between the two conditions in one case, literally means a matter of life and death. Very rare cases, food allergies and anaphylaxis, called the incident turns out derail.

Other allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis begins: IgE antibodies to allergens in the body and finds it a false alarm on the immune system into action. But the event sneezing, hives or stomach rahatsızlığıyla not limited cast. Allergen in the body to release large amounts of histamine and other chemical substances when, thoroughly expands blood vessels, blood pressure suddenly drops.

You can tell, this is a serious condition. Given response, including the lungs and heart, the body can affect many organ. Anaphylaxis is not treated immediately can damage essential organs, may even be fatal.

Although the process is so frightening, extremely low frequency of occurrence of anaphylactic shock. The average lifetime of a person's risk of encountering such a situation is 1 percent. The bad side, no one can tell what it would be time. Raises the risk of the presence of severe allergies, but I anaphylaxis can happen to anyone. Anaphylactic reaction to a new study, women encounter more likely than men to be concluded in a coat. The reason for this is unclear yet.

Many allergens can trigger anaphylaxis. For example, bee stings, penicillin, money order medication and muscle relaxants. Food allergies are among the most common causes. Foods that trigger anaphylaxis are the same as other food alerjilerindekilerle: Peanuts, milk, shellfish, fish and eggs. Vegetables such as celery may create the same situation.

Very sensitive people, even a small amount of the components of food allergy can cause anaphylaxis. 0.002 per cent of them peanut researchers' reaction to a piece of tetikleyebildiğini determined. Let's leave aside the understanding of the taste, even to force people to see such small particles.

Our intention is not to scare you, is to address to be vigilant. After dinner you feel the symptoms of anaphylaxis, an emergency room physician or consult.

The treatment of anaphylaxis usually adrenaline (also known as efinefrin) needle is made. If you have a history of anaphylaxis, the physician can always carry with you a efinefrin kit. Anaphylactic reaction to this kind of felt yourself kits available that you can inject the drug contains a small needle. You will also intervene at a document that will be stimulating for the physician is necessary to migrate over you. Such a measure is valid, especially for those with a severe allergy to drugs like penicillin.

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