Alzheimer's Treatment

Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease; Medicated treatment

What durumdayız the treatment of Alzheimer's disease? Pick from the same family or with Alzheimer's disease and DLB (diffuse Lewy body dementia) diseases, such as a treatment method to stop or turn back, not yet. We have drugs that can eliminate the symptoms of partial extent. We collect the treatment under two headings: non-drug therapy and drug therapy. Drug treatment also dedicating two. Disease-specific and non-specific treatments. Besides the loss of brain cells of Alzheimer's patients, some chemical substances needed for normal functioning of the brain azalıyorlar. These brain cells use to communicate with each other substances, carrying a kind of message from a cell to the other. One of these substances acetylcholine. Acetylcholine, an important matter for attention and memory functions. Alzheimer's disease brain, acetylcholine serious amounts of material is reduced. The first group of drugs currently used in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease brain acetylcholine miktannı raising the original. You carry out the brain by blocking the destruction of existing asetilkolin'in. This group is currently in use, the 3 active ingredient drug available (donepezil, rivastigmine, Gala-vitamin). This is a partial improvement in terms of symptoms with drugs or being stabilized, we see a partial slowdown. A second group of drugs, brain cells use to communicate with each other via a substance called glutamate in the brains of patients with Alzheimer's has effect in this system have a disorder. In this group, we now have a single drug (memantine). This drug provides glutamatergic system function more effectively. These two groups on drug treatment for the disease constitute a single original.

What treatments are not the original? Alzheimer's Treatment

These are non-specific drugs for this disease has a direct. This type of drugs we use in other diseases. For example, in patients with schizophrenia use drugs, dreams, delusions suppresses, aggression, and sometimes it works to treat sleep disorders. Depression is a problem frequently seen in Alzheimer's patients. Drugs used in patients with depression, Alzheimer's disease or use. Patient to a quieter, more compliant, to make less tense. Delusions, hırçınlıklar, dreams, sleep disorders, behavioral symptoms such as restlessness, sometimes for the family may become even more important. Relatives of the patient, sometimes they will say, "Doctor Bey, yes the memory was bad, remember, was addicted to him, but now these dreams, do not have these accusations, we are miserable. Working Woman accuses, blames me, constantly kovuyor bakıcısını. Giderebilirsek them, we razıyız amnesia ". We have drugs that reduce symptoms in most patients it is possible.

In general, more difficult to resolve the symptoms of this disease due to loss of direct cell. For example, memory disturbance, not cells are no longer required to record new events, save memories. Or because they can not keep the urine of bladder control is necessary for the cells no longer exists. However, the symptoms arising from the elimination of the remaining cells is usually easier to work incorrectly. For example, dreams, delusions harmonious working between the deterioration of the remaining cells being born. Intervention may be easier to suppress them, because here, at least the existing cells.

To sum ​​up the moment we have not even durduramasak disease treatment methods, usually the patient and their relatives are able to offer a bit of a better life.

Non-drug treatment: Treatment of Alzheimer's patients inatlaşmamak

Also mentioned that non-drug approaches.

Yes, next to non-drug approaches to drug treatment is important to us. In this context, the most important first step is to accept that it is a disease. One of the great injustice done to patients due to an illness symptoms that patients do not accept the blame. "Getting older, was stubborn, was obsessed with her ​​for doing it, so that people forget that, I guess is to draw attention to the" I think. Alzheimer's disease, a brain disease that is completely organic origin. You need to make no never mind.

Alzheimer's patients should be how the right approach?

Really very important to know how to treat patients with the patients' relatives. Hırçınlığın correct approaches often, it may be possible to prevent unrest and drug use for this purpose does not need to. Here zıtlaşmamak patient, there are some general principles such as inatlaşmamak. For example, the patient, usually late afternoon and says, "This is not my home, I'll go to my house, dinner was waiting for my mother." Correct form of behavior, "That's right, your mother is waiting, you should go home. Let's take you home" means. An attitude of supporting the patient in question, because here hezeyanını. This drawback, the patient suddenly, "But my mother was dying, even at the funeral did you you, you're lying to me," you say, and lose confidence. The second error is to do, "Are you crazy? Mother had been dead for thirty years. In this house we are sitting together with twenty-five years. Sit down, instead of saying" confrontation. The most healthy form of approach, before the patient to return to work in a quiet way to reality, this does not work in another direction as far as possible draw attention to the patient or to offer another option that can be accepted. For example, the "Look, this is your house. In fact, it was also you. Do not you remember" to try the style, or at least, "Perhaps now you 're confused, come back after getting a drink before you want to talk" approach, trying to avoid zıtlaşmaktan. Eşyasının persistently claimed was stolen from a patient, "Maybe somewhere koymuşsundur, you want to look at together as" close.

Memory, "pickle jar" for example

Another important approach, time and events often remind the patient. For example, looking at the newspaper, a well-known person, for example, Suleyman Demirel, a picture show, "Do you remember the previous cumhurbaşkanıydı, remember Ozal was late. You made ​​the following such as". There is a very typical feature of Alzheimer's patients with memory disorders. Memory loss, deletion of the closest events begins. Often past events, far better protected in the past. For example, the patient does not remember what happened yesterday, but I can remember what happened ten years ago, or even begin to remember childhood better. We are sick relatives, "pickle jar" We give the example. Imagine you put cube cucumber pickles. Top first put cucumbers, cucumbers put in the bottom of the last receive. Memory impairment in Alzheimer's patients have such a feature. Saved on the most recent first are lost, are lost to memory as the most recent first konanlar.

Do you think all these measures, an increase of Alzheimer's patients quality of life do you have?

Our main goal is to raise as much as possible quality of life of patients and their relatives. Drug therapy is the primary aim of keeping the patient as possible where it is. Alzheimer's disease drugs, which spoke of the original. The difference of about 20 percent of patients with drugs that can be available to us, but it provided a temporary improvement. Where it is possible to keep about 60 percent of the patients in this period, there may be a year or three years. While 20 percent of patients, drugs are useless as it seems. Current drug therapy should not expect miraculous results. Alzheimer's disease is a progressive disease, approximately 7-8 years to change from one patient throughout the growing signs of a disease. Yavaşlatabilirsek how much progress we think we are so useful.

The rate of progression of the disease and what determines it to be variable from person to person?

Person's genetic structure, characteristics of the brain, to some extent looking at how well the family or looking after the environment conditions. Ultimately, however, all Alzheimer's ill enough long we live, because of another disease kaybedilmezlerse, become full of disrepair.
In this way, comparable to Alzheimer's disease, a neurological Is there another?

In the course of diseases like Alzheimer's dementia, a relative of the other. Pick disease is like that, DLB (diffuse Lewy body dementia) is one such patient. In other words, the brain degenerative diseases that cause dementia end point of a patient in need of care is always right.

That is like a baby. Already, "The baby was like," it said among the people. Behold how a baby is born exactly in need of help ...

Yes it is. Another point to be emphasized is this: if a sudden change in Alzheimer's patients always have to look for a different reason below. Let's say that the way to the patient stable or rapidly broke down suddenly, within a few days seriously deteriorated. Always have to look for a different reason below. Alzheimer's disease in elderly people in general, all other diseases of old age they may also occur. These patients often develop infections. urinary infection, lung infection, influenza, such as colds. These patients are aware of their problems or complaints varamazlar may not describe. Another common problem is that the water loss. The patient is left on its own might not be liquid enough or good enough not feed. In such a patient, for example a hot summer day, water loss may deteriorate rapidly and serious.

Death can take it?

Yes, even lead to death. Typically, patients' relatives say, "Doctor Bey, who seemed to know, was going well, but the last two-three days, head is too confused. Now you know where you are, not allowing me started. Two-three days before was not the case." Here's another reason underlying such a situation necessarily have to look for. Infections other than water loss and sometimes unconsciously on the advice received from the drugs may cause sudden deterioration.

Elderly depression

One of the reasons this may have depression? Depression does not make a sudden deterioration, but depression in old age would be appropriate to open a separate item. Because depression is a complex and intertwined relationship between dementia. First, serious depression, dementia can make a table. A person with severe depression, mental functions deteriorate so much as that of a clinical dementia in this, but it can be treated, a dementia dönülebilen back. Whether successful treatment of depression tamamlayabilirseniz, dementia in table are eliminated. The second point in the relationship between depression and dementia in the following: forgetfulness typically begins with symptoms of depression, although sometimes start with Alzheimer's disease. For the patient, "was pessimistic, was taken into the, now does not enjoy life, no energy, frequent crying, does not do anything inside," as reported complaints. In fact, a survey has been made ​​in Sweden. In his youth not had any depression, the first old age starting to show signs of depression, especially depression and approximately 50 percent of patients do not respond to drugs within 5 years, this study shows that have developed Alzheimer's disease. Dementia-depression relationship, the third point is the following: Alzheimer's disease itself, may show symptoms of depression during the course. Mental loss of the patient, for example, aware of memory deterioration independent enterprises, then allowed to depression. Or as a completely organic, ie, Alzheimer's disease, the symptoms of depression may occur due to deterioration caused by brain chemistry.

Depression is often seen in old age? Depression is very common in the elderly. Elderly; spouse loss, loss of business, environmental loss, the loss of friends as a result of becoming more prone to depression, social isolation, and brought it. But depression is not only the problem of old age. In fact, he'll tell us, "I've been forgetful, I wonder bunuyor Am" I find depression in 90 percent of the young or middle aged people. As I mentioned before, because of depression, mental slowing functions, alertness, concentration, speed of mental operation disrupts the situation. Therefore, young or old, a table similar to depression, dementia may occur in every person entering.

Run your head, Alzheimer's disease protected

What are the risk factors for Alzheimer's disease and Alzheimer's disease by preventing possible? Age the risk of Alzheimer's disease is a known number. As people age, increasing the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Among the other known risks have already been severe head trauma. Increasingly we understand better what we call vascular risk factors, high blood pressure, diabetes, blood pressure values, especially middle-aged, middle age, cholesterol level, determining the risk of Alzheimer's disease. If the blood pressure or high cholesterol increases the risk of disease. "Is it possible to prevent Alzheimer's disease," he answered without hesitation when asked provide:

"Uygulayacağınız general principle is this: every thing is good for your heart is also good for your brain. In other words, reduce high blood pressure, reduce high cholesterol, if you have to treat diabetes, overweight reduce your weight, saturated fats, animal fats to avoid, how to implement adequate and balanced diet. I need to consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables. " When you make them, the risk of Alzheimer's disease, but relatively inmiyor reduced to zero. There is another interesting observation: using your brain working in the forefront of his business, the risk of Alzheimer's disease in humans, at least when compared to using her body. In other words, to use his brain to some extent protects against Alzheimer's disease. Another interesting observation in humans of the highly educated, less risk of Alzheimer's disease. Shows, however, emerged when a more rapid course.

Why is this happening?

The reason is unknown. Less common than high-educated people have opinions on the two: one, it is entirely in the direction of an illusion. The second opinion is as follows: The higher a person's mental capacity, how much and how many cells from the cell connection is doing is keeping active, even if these losses is a critical amount of the remaining cells are less likely to fall below the threshold. Brain cells, say, fifty billion there, and it should work at least forty billion. The fifty billion cells that make lots of connections between them and keeps them all active in humans, are more likely to fall below a certain threshold of capacity is small. For her mental reserve, maintain a high mental capacity, a great advantage to keep alive.

How do I need to run it?

There is only one method. For instance, my patients or their relatives are asking: "Puzzle çözeyim?" Yes, this is a method. Puzzle you can solve, but to do composition may be in a different way, could write a book, his friends may enter the intellectual debate. The important thing is make a mental activity.

50 percent of depressed patients' relatives

Did bracketing possible to give a number for our society?

Ideally, every neighborhood should be. And day care centers have to be especially large districts in each. Think of the elderly day care and day care centers, you know, working parents leave their children take morning and evening are taking. Day nursery to serve such a purpose. Everyone has the natural needs. Have to go shopping, have to take money from the bank, nothing if not one day have to take a breath. If the patient brings the family once a week, morning afternoon taking leave, the power at that time doing his job, relax psychologically. Relatives of patients in the treatment of Alzheimer's patients have an important place. He should also be healthy. Not very different from any other disease in patients with Alzheimer's only affects the family closely. In fact, there is a phrase used by Alzheimer's experts: "In the beginning there is a patient, time is of the patient," he. Because 50 percent of the relatives of Alzheimer's patients show symptoms of depression.

Then when treating patients with Alzheimer's, also close to the patient should not be overlooked.

Exactly. Both the patient and the health of that person's health, time of entry into depression because relatives are more impatient, more quickly sinirlenebiliyor, kırabiliyor patients. After that, he begins remorse, "Well, I had to not say, why say" he. And so begins a vicious cycle. Remorse, more emotional burden, the more depressive tendency, as a result of being frustrated people are starting to become a vicious cycle. Alzheimer's experts, for him, the patient controls the mental status of patients' relatives during the interrogations advised.

Alzheimer's disease, psychological, social and community where You put in?

The economic burden of this disease, both in terms of society, as well as socio-economic dimension of work, frequency, aging populations increasingly important in terms of the truth will emerge even more frequently. If the size of the affected person and their family different from other diseases, because the patient is changing, remove that person from being a person makes to another: People, who himself habits, character, begins to destroy the memories. For him, there is a heavy psychological burden of disease for patients and their relatives.

But despite all this, to be relatives of Alzheimer's disease or not sayılmamalı end of the world?

It is. Because the other people trying to help professionals work together to raise both the quality of life of patients and the patients' relatives, trying to share the burden. Relative of the patient as a person to feel helpless, panic kapılması, because of the possibilities the future has already started to worry would be a mistake. Problems occur when one has the solutions. Relatives of patients with Alzheimer's for her I say: "First, so let's try to solve the current problems. You try to upgrade the quality of the patient's life. In time, other problems occur, then try to find the necessary solutions."

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