Alzheimer's Patients Day Nursery, Alzheimer's Foundation

A world-renowned expert on Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's Association have set up in Turkey. Alzheimer's society in relation to the need to navigate to the correct address. In this context, what would you say?

Alzheimer's Association, founded in 1997 in Turkey. From its inception, the number one objective was to highlight that it is a disease. His slogan for the Alzheimer's Association is a self-made: "Dementia, is not a natural consequence of aging. Dementia, old age is not destiny." This slogan aimed to raise community awareness of the disease and also provided a great extent. However, Alzheimer's and other dementia patients and their relatives as much as possible we aim to provide a better quality of life. Provide medical and financial support as an association is not possible in all patients. The first thing we want to do, to inform relatives of patients. For this purpose, brochures, books, booklets have removed. From time to time patients' relatives seminars, training, maintenance courses are organized. In addition, patients family support "group call, the event was very useful: the ten-fifteen patients' relatives are coming together, talking to each other under the supervision of a qualified psychologist, problems, find solutions and share their troubles.

Where have branch offices? Alzheimer's Care

Centre in Istanbul. To date, Bursa, Izmir, Ankara, Adana, Denizli, Eskişehir and opened branch offices. Stage of setting up branch offices in Mersin and Samsun. Some branches, for example, Denizli, almost from the start, a large number of patients out into association studies is very useful and successful work they did. Eskisehir branch with the help of the mayor, began providing service to convert an apartment into a nursing home during the day. Ankara branch office in cooperation with the Regional Directorate of Social Services launched a day care center. Alzheimer's Foundation, established in 2000 three years after the establishment of the association. Alzheimer's Foundation Alzheimer's Association, and the two organizations work hand in hand. Alzheimer's Foundation, providing support to the Central branch Koşuyolu'nda Bakımevi'nin helped to open Turkey's first Alzheimer's Disease.

Our own building in the coming years, primarily to establish a permanent nursing home. Cheers for a bağışçımız promised, together determine the location. In addition, both the local authorities, in cooperation with state institutions as well as day care centers would like to propagate. Relatives of the patients in our culture because their patients are afraid to leave a permanent care centers. This is behind the 'cismen, "Do you blame me, his mother or his father threw the beginning of aging, nursing home, sent a wonder they say" have to worry about. However, nursing home quality of life of patients remaining at home often can be better bakılanlardan. Still, concern that such a built-in day care for sick relatives to look hot. Not enough for him everywhere in Turkey necessary to open a nursing home during the day.

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