Allergy Glossary

Translation of the book is easy, using a language understood as the inevitable effort required to stay away from medical jargon. In contrast to a physician, in discussion, for example, "cervical spine" When it comes to no surprise, that there is nothing else to know it in terms of neck spine, medical jargonuyla to build a bridge, but also a small glossary in the book will add descriptions of the way we went last abbreviations.

agonist: substances produced naturally tend to bond with the recipients of normal cells showing'll notify receivers and physiological activity of this drug increases
allergic inflammatory response: the inflammatory response to allergy
antagonist: a substance that eliminates the effect of another substance, such as connecting to the recipients of the cell in the body of a drug that prevents the emergence of a biological response to antagonist
anti-inflammatory: anti-inflammatory
anticonvulsant: the money transfer counter medicines
atopic dermatitis: eczema
bronchodilator: bronchial extender
decongestant: swelling or fullness (konjestiyonu) to reduce drug
dermatitis: skin inflammation
diarrhea: diarrhea
endocrine system: endocrine system
inflammation: inflammation, inflammation (because of the widespread use of this term in English, referred to as inflammation, "Inflammation" as we turned. But the word among the people of pus, including contaminated discharge from the width can be used as meanings. inflammation of the body sees only the protection against damaging mind that the reaction keep, eliminate some misconceptions.)
What is intolerance: intolerance
RBC: red blood cells
FDA: U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the abbreviation for the Food and Drug Administration
immune system: the immune system
immunotherapy: immune therapy.
Inhaled: breath drawn in.
inhalers: tools to help take in breath
insomnia: insomnia
irritant: non-irritant; traumatic
irritation: irritation; abuse
complication: a patient, depending on the actual disease, the emergence of another disease or diseases
constipation: constipation
contact dermatitis: contact dermatitis
contaminated, contamination: dishwashers, contamination, prepared the product to be contaminated with undesirable substances or living organisms, dishwasher optimization
What is a convulsion: referral
lesion: wound, wounds more used to certain limits and the nature of
WBC: white blood cells
nasal: the nasal
oral: oral, oral
perennial: non-seasonal throughout the year or years of
receptor: the receiver
Respiratory: respiratory
rhinorrhea: a cold, runny nose
rhinitis: hay fever, allergic colds
sedative: a calming
symptom: symptom, the patient's illness or subjective (eg, the patient's perception) set out the characteristics of the disease, the objective (for example, examination of the physician encounters) is finding the properties
syndrome: a bunch of symptoms occurring together, the symptoms range
What is the trachea: windpipe
urticaria: urticaria

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