Mast Cells and Allergy Treatment

IgE antibodies, allergic reactions that trigger whenever the trigger of the loaded mast cells. Inserts a hook allergen IgE antibodies, mast cells, stimulates the chemical burden to vacate. You feel as a result of an allergic reaction runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, hives, nasal congestion, such as symptoms develop. If researchers find a way to prevent the release of these chemical substances will be repressed in response.

Some experts called Syk is a matter of the opinion that mast cells play a role in the release of specific chemical substances. Syk, a protein in mast cells. Syk'a Researchers are trying to connect to and develop a molecule to hinder his work. At the beginning of the development process, this approach is not yet the rule is based on the following points: Even if mast cells into IgE antibodies will enter the necessary sign of resistance, and thus will not be displayed allergen.

Other Chemical Substances Prevention

Can play the biggest role of histamine in allergic responses, single villain is not responsible for it. The same process takes part in many substances such as prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are many and varied, and the body takes a lot of useful functions. But the smooth muscles around the airways in the lungs by compressing a type of prostaglandins bronkospazmlara and lead to exacerbation of asthma attacks. Dilates blood vessels in a different type, makes it more permeable, so much fluid to pass from the blood to the surrounding tissue, thus causing swelling. The result also increases the sensitivity of swollen tissues, pain.

Leukotrienes in allergic reactions to any other substance. Some, such as prostaglandins can cause contraction of the airways in the lungs. In other types of allergic reaction develops where there is evidence that inflammatory cells are drawn. After all the cells and chemicals to fight the increase in response to increasing allergen harmless.
One day, to prevent allergic reactions to swallow a pill or injection to once-sufficient. But to this point yet ulaşmadık. Research continues, and the people straw bezdiren nezlesinin him tired, a nightmare for many people approaching the end of the bee sting and food allergies. Currently, the best medicine, to know sakınmasını allergens. Allergies Allergic reactions to avoid starting the safest way to stop the becerene avoiding allergens. Soon as they inhale, touch or do not eat, the craving does not burn.

Body System Related Factors

Experts stress and other psychological factors has long been a major role in the functioning of the immune system, agreed that you can play. But how and why questions were left largely unanswered. Now the body's immune system is increasingly closely with the other two systems is seen clearly. These are the internal secretion system and the central nervous system.
endocrine system produces hormones. For example, thymus and pituitary glands, are part of the internal secretion system. Electrochemical messages to the brain and the body of the central nervous system (pulse) sender covers the nerves. Scientists in these systems have found many of the cell receptors that fits on the other system components. This is what happened in the brain significantly affect the lungs and nasal canals that means. Mental tension and emotional turmoil, or other allergy symptoms, asthma attacks, perhaps because at this point alevlendirme may be lying.

How to utilize these connections between body systems to predict the exact time for treatment is too early, but the facts set out in opening up new horizons and exciting nature.

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