What is hemoptysis, Hemoptysis Causes :Wheezing respiratory

A musical nature, such as breathing wheezy whistling sound is heard. This volume consists of vibration of the air entering and leaving the narrowed airways. Is an important symptom of a respiratory disease, asthma, wheezing reversible. The main causes of inhalation of allergens, infections, smoking, polluted air and exercise. Apart from these, aspirin, penicillin, and some food items such as medicines, food preservatives, and some psychological factors that can cause asthma, wheezing solunumuna. Upper respiratory tract infections, left heart failure, foreign body aspiration and wheezing in lung tumors can be monitored.

What is hemoptysis, Hemoptysis Causes

Hemoptysis (coughing up blood), the main cause of lung diseases. Pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung tumors, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, pulmonary infarction, pulmonary abscess, hemoptysis caused by fungal diseases and cysts of the most important he-man lung diseases.

Hemoptysis is sometimes seen as the first sign of lung disease. Cardiovascular diseases, such as congestive heart failure and mitral stenosis is a common symptom zunda hemoptysis.

Nose bleeding and blood tükürmesine can cause coughing blood nazofarankse collected. Pharynx, esophageal bleeding or he-moptiziyle karıştınlabilir hematemesis. Clinical examination along with chest radiography and other methods of diagnosis and differential diagnosis of hemoptysis is evaluated. The amount of blood and disease diagnosis and may not be a relationship between the degree. For example, a light red staining of sputum, such as bronchitis or a small amount of blood may be a symptom of a bronchial cancer.

Hemoptysis can provide information about the nature of the disease exist. For example, blood-stained mucous sputum, bronchitis, or more serious diseases such as tuberculosis and bronchial cancer can be seen. Bloody sputum, gib pneumonia or lung abscess complicated Cerahatla diseases such as bronchiectasis, a chronic disease or monitored. Sputum alone is mixed with blood, mucus, and purulent and a few days if it is not much of a pulmonary infarction, pneumonia has continued unchanged in this way should consider-nude. Because it is less bloody sputum, and sometimes sparkling pink in view of the left heart failure and pulmonary edema due to kuşkulanılır. Yetinmemeli clinical examination in cases of hemoptysis, chest radiography, computer axial tomography and other methods necessary to diagnose the disease, treatment should be applied.

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