What is Dyspnea and causes

Dyspnea, shortness of breath, asphyxia (a sense of closeness or air hunger), and is used in a similar difficulty in breathing. Parenkimasında of lung and respiratory tract abnormalities are the major causes of dyspnoea. Heart disease is a major symptom of orthopnea (dyspnea improved lay low and high of yatıldığında), emphysema, chronic bronchitis and severe asthma episodes in patients monitored. Heart patients with paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, night awakening of nature. Dyspnea in asthma can be viewed at night.

In some cases, dyspnea "psikonörotik" nature. In some cases, organic and psychological factors are accompanied. For example, some patients with asthma, lung function tests were normal, although there is dyspnea.

Cheyne-Stokes periodic irregular breathing are dyspnea. Pulmonary hyperventilation gradually increased, then gradually decreased pulmonary hypo-ventilation, or even apnea occurs. The patients complain of shortness of breath heperventilasyon in the period. Cheyne-Stokes respiration is usually related to heart disease. There is a serious breathing Kusmaul hyperpnea, dyspnea exertion similar to the one of the uremia, diabetes, and severe metabolic acidosis of shock is related cases.

The main causes of dyspnea

Respiratory system diseases: COPD (asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema), lung infections, widespread parenchymal lung disease, thrombo-embolism and obstructive diseases of the upper respiratory tract.
Cardiovascular disease, severe anemia, obesity, nöropsişik irregularities.

The degree of dyspnea in patients with chronic lung and heart would be enlightening in terms of prognosis. This issue is a practical and useful evaluation:

Dyspnea grades:

1. Patient rating of dyspnea, such as a flat where people walk the same body structure and age. However, the exit ramp, or stairs are dyspnea.
2. an appropriate degree of dyspnea the patient himself on a flat floor without dyspnea slowness 1.5 km walk. However, dyspnea occurs at normal speed.
3. Straight up to 100 m at a location very dyspnea or dyspnea a few minutes walking.
4. degree of dyspnea with a little effort, for example dressing or talking dispne.Özellikle for lung cancer surgery often is referenced as the evaluation of physical ability (Karnofsky measure) has a close relationship between the degree of dyspnea with

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