Ways to Safeguard hay fever

Every year when the hay fever season, are leading yourself these two questions should be: "what have I done to deserve this?" and "We were going to get rid of?" Replies unfortunately, "Nothing" and "nowhere" is. Allergies to some people is inevitable and there is no way to get rid of mites.

Kokuotu, grass, chamomile, mugwort, Velcro-type, ayrıkotu, hardalotu like wild grass, juniper, pine, sycamore, lime, such as many tree, nuts, olives, sunflower pollen of agricultural plants, such as regional or widespread cause problems in people sensitive to allergens. Winter donlarıyla dust for months until his death continues to blossom and environmental spread of many weed pollens can fold for miles and miles.

Wherever you go, you have no way to get rid of hapşırtacak tree or grass pollen. But you can learn what to do when the most pollen in the air. Gırtlağınıza pollen enters the nose and respiratory problems alone creates. Periods of increased load of pollen can be really helpful to stay in air-conditioned environments.

First, you must obtain a general idea about hapşırtan pollen. Chase a little hint of whether it will work for this detective. Which months are allergic to worse? Spring? Summer? Autumn? To know that narrows the range of probability. For example, if you feel unwell at the beginning of spring and summer, allergy poplar, elm, maple, walnut, pine trees, such as caused by pollen can be said.

Sneezing at the end of spring and summer are starting early, possibly responsible for the grass plant pollens. Allergy type symptoms begin before the end, the problem still may vary by region or in the open air in the mold spors herbaceous plants.

Pollen also important to know exactly what the problem may not be created. Flowering period coinciding often sufficient to determine which plant group has created a problem. For example, if you are allergic to tree pollen specific, symptoms in the fall, but will emerge in the spring knows, you will receive allergy prevention during these months alone.

But by talking to your doctor, decided that the best way if you switch to immune therapy, in charge must determine precisely the source of pollen. Allergy extremely özgüldür compromised. Pelican vaccine against pollen, pine pollen is useless against. To ensure precision, some of the skin or blood tests can be performed.

Do the symptoms of hay fever occurs during the winter months? Warm winter days in a reception, you can trouble your head in December, even mates. If such a situation, weakens the possibility of pollen. Instead, dust, indoor küften, animals and non-seasonal allergic rhinitis caused by hair-skin waste comes into play. If such a complaint, contact the physician. You have to find out exactly what cause allergies may want to do some skin tests.

Doors and windows tightly bantlayıp another winter of waiting, pollen belasını have no way to fend off completely! This is radical, but not significantly, limiting contact with pollen, some solutions suggested.

Find out the level of pollen

Be sensitive to allergy-related institutions, significantly simplifies the solution of problems. This sensitivity is evident in various examples in the United States. Many institutions and meteorological service determines the number of cells in the pollen in the air every day, newspapers, television and radio stations, reports. Some days are worse than other days, even in the heart of allergy season. Therefore useful to know your local pollen levels.

So, how is this counting? Technicians will place an adhesive material on the roof wearing a bar, a stunning end to an arm connected. Rotates around the axis of the bar, pollen grains are captured glue. After a period of at the top of the bar is taken over the adhesive material is immersed in a dye. This makes it easy to paint the pollen count. The technician counts the particles under a microscope. The obtained value is the number of pollen particles in a cubic meter of air shows the number.

The number of pollen is less than 100 or lower levels of pollen, 100-500 is between medium and high is between 500-1000, more than 1,000 are above is very high. Similar measurements were made ​​in the air for mold spores.

The benefit is clear. Low levels of pollen green light means you can easily exclude them if you have your work. Between the number of pollen 100-500 (moderate) that embark in a day out, you should consider purchasing antihistamine, otherwise some may develop symptoms of allergy. High level indicates that the red light is lit. A job to go out now you will know! According to all the force of the enemy waiting behind the door, I guess it is best to stay inside! Close the windows. If you need a refreshing air conditioning in your car or home use. Air inside the air conditioner only works on position.

The only drawback of pollen count, the measurements reported for a long time passed to break up. Unpredictable pollen until the next day. There is little benefit of the pollen count over the past one night. But in some countries on this issue no longer benefits from the Internet, for example, American Allergy, Asthma and Immune Academy, an affiliate office, currently regarded as pollen and spores shows across the country over the Internet is publishing daily lists.

Beware of the wind

Some days are bad days, without knowing the level of pollen may notice that the other. Wind from the most important guide in this matter. Have you started to blow hard, so you know that the weather has taken the burden of pollen and spores. These granules stagnant weather, crashes and problems are reduced. Hot and dry weather increases the number of pollen, rainy and cool weather in the fall.

In general, the best time to go out early in the morning. The low level of airborne pollen is usually 05:00 to 10:00 morning. These hours to mow the lawn, riding a bicycle or go for a walk is suitable for your dog. Increased in most of propolis, pollen süzebi-len can use a mask. If you think outside the pollen levels rise, or a half hour before going out to take antihistamine. Help you get pills to prevent symptoms.

Go to the beach

Issuing pollen and mold spores are almost everywhere, but other places are better than the seashore. During the day, the coast is dominated by winds from the sea breeze blowing from the land, or reduce the intensity of pollen in the air. This does not mean that physicians will leave the drugs at home. The density reaches its peak seasons, will create discomfort level may experience pollen everywhere.

Melon-watermelon ban

Some familiar foods contain proteins similar to those of pollen, and sports. The ingestion of such foods aggravate allergic reactions to the critical months. For example, some plant pollens such as those who are allergic ayrıkotu melon, watermelon eating, mouth and throat can lead to additional problems.
Kabarıktır considerable number of such potential interactions. Full of what you have until the allergy, food for work to avoid cross-reactions have no meaning. After you identify the problematic allergens physician, you need to stay away from foods that will give you information about.
By the way there is a point worth noting also. Pireotu (oltuotu) obtained from the flowers and bits are used as pesticides pyrethrin (the labels are written as pyrethrin) can cause hay fever.

The next chapter alerjiyle more closely linked to asthma, one of the most dangerous situations we will under the spotlight. Only reason for the emergence of a section of those who are allergic asthma is not yet fully understood. Thing is for sure: If you receive Factors under control, a stunning level of quality of life upgrade.

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