Ways allergy prevention

Weapons of allergy prevention

So far, we explained the dangers, to get allergies under control clearly shows why it is so important. The event is not limited only hapşırmayla or nasal obstruction.

You give yourself struggling to feel more healthy and will help you be more happy years ahead.

There are three basic weapon in the war of allergic rhinitis. The first is avoiding. If you take breath the air of pollen, hay fever will not. Of course this is easier said than done. Expect the best in daily life may be limited contact with pollen. The same non-seasonal problems such as dust and apply to skin rashes. Temizleseniz several times each day at the house of God, the root of the kazıyamazsınız mites. But you can apply some methods to control problems.

The second war strategy against allergy, symptoms, treatment for occurring. When you start sneezing and wheezing breathing, maintaining this status is meaningless. There are several drug options market, put an end to complaints.

Antihistamines. These are the best drugs that cut sneeze and itch. Their work, during an allergic reaction to chemical substances released from mast cells and basophils to prevent the effect of histamine which is one. The biggest problem with antihistamines, most of the sedative (sedative) effect is showing. This is why some people become, and sleepiness at the wheel might be dangerous or in tasks requiring attention. But the non-sedating antihistamines are developed. Another problem of antihistamines, these drugs are taken without contact with allergens shows the greatest impact. Therefore, the emergence of symptoms may not expect. Respiratory risk of getting pollen rises, consider using antihistamine. Because of severe allergic reaction after the start of the effect of antihistamines is reduced.


These drugs are in the form of a pill, spray or drops, reducing swelling in the respiratory secretions of the nose makes it easy to dry quickly. Many antihistamines and decongestants to facilitate the use of drug manufacturer has combined a single pill. The main problem caused by decongestant sprays "recoil" (rebound), called the effect. Often you use nasal spray for nasal congestion, instead of healing can lead to more congestion. When the doctor decongestant, due to the recoil effect will suggest you use a short-lived.


These are the most powerful ilaçlandır allergy. Nasal sprays, pills and injections can be used as. Very effective in preventing and alleviating symptoms of allergic reaction to give the result. When used properly, very safe, especially the nose received corticosteroids.

If not for sakınamıyorsanız allergens and other drugs, the last option immune therapy. This treatment is also known as an allergy vaccine. Weeks, months and sometimes years-long treatment, leading to a reaction containing a small amount of allergen or allergens is based on making needles. That reduces or eliminates the response to allergen in the body over time develop a tolerance, so good looking İnanılamayacak this result is obtained, and the problem is really a very long time and sometimes eliminated. But the needles does not always work. Allergen "immunity" to keep vaccines, booster (maintenance) doses may be needed. Alerjinizle found another way to deal with immune therapy may be the best remedy.

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