Virus pneumonia (influenza pneumonia)

Virus pneumonia (influenza pneumonia), pneumonia disease

With primary or bacterial pneumonia virus has pnömonileriyle. Early symptoms are flu-like disease. Initially, cough, and sometimes small amounts, sometimes bloody sputum, tachycardia, and syanoz husule income. Railer inspiration gradually increased wet and dry lung bases in other areas is heard.

Extending from the periphery and pulmonary edema is similar to huluslardan radiograph infiltrates. In some cases, a small amount of pleural fluid is monitored.

There is usually leukocytosis, increased polymorphonuclear leukocytes core. Sputum leucocytes also increased, but less than polymorphonuclear leukocytes, lymphocytes çokdur. This finding of sputum bacterial pneumonia influenza virus pneumonia is an important feature that separates. Palliative treatment.

In the cases of the influenza virus and bacteria are serious prognosis. 3-4 days after symptoms of the flu chills, fever, cough, bloody or purulent sputum, pleural pain, dyspnea and syanoz develops. Upon examination, the concentration of one or more than one lobe of the findings, inspiration Railer more pronounced wet and dry sounds.

Chest radiography is similar to primary influenza pneumonia, but the lesions are more common.

Normal leukocytes, may be increased or decreased. Elevated white blood cell count in cases of police, the police has decreased in cases of leukopenia. Polymorphonuclear leukocytes with bacteria and bacteria are abundant in the virus prnömonilerinde sputum. Half of the cases associated with virus infection stafilokoktur bacteria. Other secondary pneumococcal bacteria and more rarely, other bacteria.
The virus-bacterial pneumonia is treated adhering to examine sputum culture. Cephalothin, methicillin, or cefoperazone okzasolin effective drugs. A-type influenza virus pneumonia which is used amantadine.

If you have an epidemic of influenza vaccine used. Influenza vaccine, especially lung and heart disease, diabetes mellitus or chronic kidney disease, immune insufficiency or in patients with the drug in areas immünosüpratif applied. This virus-bacterial pneumonia in patients with more frequent and more serious.

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