Lejyonellosis (Legion's disease)

Lejyonellosis (Legion's disease)

Legionella pneumophila bacteria agent. This gram-negative bacteria. Military units for the first time she was diagnosed disease is called Legion (legion = continent). A serious pneumonia. Of the disease in the early days of weakness, muscle aches, chest pain, headache, chills and sudden fever, then the mental disorders, abdominal pain, diarrhea is observed.

Lobar lung X-ray concentration, partial lesions are seen in the form of infiltration or nodule.

The main laboratory findings of leukocytosis of 10,000, lymphopenia, hyponatremia, albuminuria, microscopic hematuria, abnormal liver fonsiyonlarıdır.

Disease sputum, pleural fluid or bronchial lavage is diagnosed boyanmasıyla immunofluorescence.

Legion pneumonia erythromycin (0.5-1 gm, 4 times / day orally) is treated with. Tetracycline are also effective. Treatment time is 2-3 weeks. These cases do not respond to treatment, ciprofloxacin (750 mg X 2/gün, oral) is treated with.

Riketsia pneumonia (Q-fever pneumonia)

Coxiella burnetti'dir factor. Riketzia infection of a disease. Influenza or typhoid-like symptoms are observed. In rare cases the virus is similar to pneumonia and infections can develop. The disease tetracycline (2-3 gm / day, orally) is treated with. Treatment time is 2 weeks.

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