Treatment of Parkinson's disease, and Battery Installation

Think of it as a kind of electrical vibration excitation. These cells normally have a certain rhythm of work. Very high frequency uyardığınızda out that the rhythm and function kalıyorlar tutturamıyorlar. Battery advantage of surgery is this: if the adverse effect occurs in the brain tissue is damaged the battery to change the settings, turn off or completely remove the battery as possible. Ie a method which can be recycled.

Technically the application is as follows: For each patient, the target coordinates of the center is estimated that the patient's brain. The patient's head using a special frame fixed firm in this framework is applied and the patient awake, the target coordinates are calculated in the region that we call a thin wire electrode is reached. We want to end this electrode can give warnings of violence and periods of electricity. The electrode is fixed to the skull and brought under the same skin as well as heart cells connected to a battery placed just under the skin of the chest. This is the battery on or off via remote control from outside, to control possible. How often, how severe and how much to do outside the setting of three different periods of time as possible to send a warning. Battery surgery, surgery advantageous than incineration, but much more expensive.
Both methods are applied in Turkey, I guess ...

Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and certain centers in major cities such as both methods are applied. Friend, a small number of neurosurgeons have specialized in this regard. Cases can be very effective when done right and in a way that best applies. Patients with particular method of putting a large extent düzelebiliyorlar battery, opening-closing, involuntary movements are lost, the dosage be reduced to half the side.

Parkinson's and exercise

Parkinson's disease, as well as medical treatment is said to be important in physical activity and exercise ...

Yes, especially physical activity and exercise have positive effects on muscle stiffness and slowness of movement. Unused muscles atrophy over time can be affected, ie, the masses go up or down in length may be shortened, if the stiff joints ettirilmedikleri regular exercise may lose the ability to move. Therefore, regular physical activity and exercise, to continue providing the functionality of the muscles and joints. For this purpose, all the joints and muscles of our patients, albeit for short periods each day çalıştırmalılar. This long-duration exercise, or do not have to be patient with severe yoracak. For example, walking is a very simple but effective form of exercise. One other option is swimming, is an extremely useful exercise in patients capable of shape. The patient previously yapageldiği tennis, football, sports activities such as maintenance of them also recommend if you have. Because this type of request carried out by the conscious motor movements, automatic movements such as walking less affected compared to the Parkinson's disease. By the way here where I say, automatically start thinking of walking in Parkinson's disease and maintaining a large extent problem-is presented, ie, "auto-pilot" was damaged, "voluntary, automatic pilot," is better. Therefore, patients given a command or a line in front of them to collect their attention, atladıklarında to walk over the threshold easier to initiate the step-by-distance grows.

Is there a particular proposed movement?

No, no, this can vary from patient to patient on a regular basis, however, all the major joints and muscles move them playing important. Not be neglected in terms of bed this morning kalkındığında movements can be done on a regular basis. Forward curved multi-drug therapy did not get benefit of this exercise, posture, balance disorder, or symptoms such as difficulty of verification might help the chair.

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