Parkinson's illness Prevention Methods

Talked about two very important social disease. Which of the more successful in terms of treatment today?

More successful in the treatment of Parkinson's now. Today, almost all drugs used in Parkinson's patients, visible, able to provide a significant improvement in the same extent in patients with Alzheimer's, unfortunately, we do not see an improvement.

So what to do to prevent these diseases?

The whole world is looking for ways of prevention from diseases of the brain aging emerged. General tendency in humans to be a vitamin or nutrient contribution of any of them wish geçebilme front. In other words, people are seeking a solution to their dışlarında. "I have nothing to change the way I life, feeding, not I be forced to pay attention to myself, I take a vitamin pill or another, and these diseases korunayım" search inside. But so far no vitamin or other diseases may prevent this type of a substance alone did not show. We do not have such a magic pill. But we know there are risk factors. When you turn these risk factors for both diseases, the likelihood of diseases or azaltıyorsunuz. Among known risk factors for Alzheimer's disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, saturated fat-rich diets have said that. If you get all this under control, keep your mind active and your body on a regular basis, you reduce the risk of the emergence of neuro-degenerative diseases.

In addition, the vitamins really do not have any effect?

Proven so far, the following doses of vitamins are taken up to now, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, a finding that does not occur. High doses of vitamin E (2,000 mg a day) and treatment of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, or whether the rate of progression of the disease, and such an effect was not investigated yavaşlatmadığı yavaşlatıp. In the context of prevention of this disease every day in all observational studies is brought into a degenerative disease of the brain that received 400 mg of vitamin E concluded that the risk is slightly reduced, but it should by as yet proven.

That is a proven impact on a regular basis do not have to take extra vitamins?

None. In addition to the daily food show any protective effect of vitamin 's so hard. Imagine that you have a thousand people, using the group to get these vitamins, vitamins are not a thousand people to compare, consider that you have received. Other properties of these two groups to reach a definite conclusion even need to keep for years. Is it possible to do so? In other words, these two groups over the years, roughly the same amount to provide the same things to eat, to live in the same way to provide the only difference between them to receive or not to take vitamins to ensure that possible? The only way to answering precisely the effect of vitamin additives, a method which is practically very difficult. Therefore, research so far has been (which is based on the method of estimating the amount of people's daily vitamin), the results show significant differences, for example, a study of vitamin E is protective finding someone else does not find any protective effect.

Top us

Top that with us?

Yes, it is the ball itself largely of people. We can get from the outside, preventing brain disorders do not have a magic pill yet. Load one's own shoulders, the ball in your foot, do something for yourself, in your hands. If you drive a healthy lifestyle, diet, mind-flood-physical activity if you notice, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, such as if the risks and if you fight them effectively, reduce the risk of brain disease.

Brain aging and Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, especially in trying to cope with the whole world is one of the social health problems. Turkish people would like to thank you for this matter lit. I have the book in our patients, their relatives and all our people wish to be useful.

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