Symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's

Symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's

Mental dysfunction

Marked forgetfulness, frequent repetitions, deletion events, mixing or matching
Word finding difficulties, stuck talking, comprehension difficulty
Attention and concentration impairment
Location and orientation of the degradation, loss of
Visual perception distortion
Plan, insight and impairment öngörebilme

Behavioral Symptoms

Personality changes, social withdrawal, decreased interest, or irritability sessizleşme
Incorrect interpretation or beliefs (delusions)
Not seeing or hearing things (hallucinations)
Verbal or physical irritability, aggression (aggression)
Restlessness (agitation)
Sleep disorders (dalamama, frequent or ill-timed wake-up)
Appendage or tutturmalar, obstinate
Inappropriate behavior in the community

Deterioration of Daily Living Functions

Difficulties in working life
Difficulties in social life and retreat
The concept of money and monetary accounts, bank and billing follow-up difficulty
Clean, home layout and body care neglect
Difficulty in the selection of clothing, summer-winter, dirty-clean mix
Dining difficulty in making
Over time, dressing, washable, basic functions like eating disturbance

How can it be blood accumulates between the skull and the brain?

Sıkılıkla falls, as a result of collisions. For example, patient falls, his head hits the ground, meanwhile thin veins between the skull and the brain is one of the break and the light begins to leak blood. It does not matter because it is less than the amount of blood leaking from the beginning. But gradually increased, depending on the leak, the blood between the skull and the brain starts to gather. This is the accumulated mass of blood-clot begins to push the brain to the skull itemediği, remaining under pressure in the brain function deteriorates. Another example is the "normal pressure hydrocephalus," we call presence. We all have gaps in the brain normally, and the insides of the "cerebrospinal fluid" is full of what we call a special liquid. This liquid is absorbed continuously and back, with a liquid recirculation. If you have a barrier to absorb back-which sometimes comes with age in older people due to trauma or due to changes in the absorption process begins-non-absorbable disruption of cerebrospinal fluid collects in the back, extending the gaps in the brain, the brain begins to press.

Symptomatic dementias in the brain, providing support to the third group of systems. Enough blood to the brain needs to function normally. Blood composition, the content must also be true. Good work, good pompalayamaz heart blood. The higher sugar content in the blood of waste matter content, or for example, brain activity is disturbed. Hormone levels in the brain to work better. One of the primary ones, "thyroid hormones" level. This level is too low or too high, not good for the brain. Necessary for the proper operation of the brain there are certain vitamins, B vitamins, especially vitamin B-12, folic acid, such as ". Deficient diet, or more often in older people as a gastro-intestinal absorption, these rates can fall due to the difficulty, for example, excessive levels of vitamin B-12 leads to dementia fall.

70 100 cases of dementia of Alzheimer's in charge

So many diseases can cause dementia highlight again?
Yes, exactly so. However, the most common cause of dementias, diseases of the first group. Alzheimer's, about two-thirds of all dementia cases in charge. If you encounter a hundred patients with dementia, Alzheimer's disease lies in the bottom of one of these sixty-five to seventy.

The rest?

The rest, including some types mentioned above. Some of the first group with other diseases, like Alzheimer's disease, the illness of his relatives. But they keep the brain in different places. Alzheimer's, first as a memory for holding areas at the first indication of memory impairment, forgetfulness. However, again, the cell loss, leading to cell degeneration and other diseases, however, they impact on other parts of the brain. For example, the most frequently seen in Alzheimer's disease, another degenerative disease, "Pick's disease." This disease, memory areas, rather than the person himself, and language functions of motives to control regions that holding. For him, the first of this type of dementia occurring in patients with symptoms, personality changes happening. For example, in a very controlled person can begin to act incredible uncontrolled. Easily able to molest a woman in the street, is able to ortalığa toilet. Affects memory, although the region can not speak your language well, difficulty finding words, gets stuck talking.

Another is "widespread Lewy body disease 'we call a disease. This is especially attention, concentration and alertness influences, but also in behavior is not slowing down. All of them, leading to loss of brain cells has a group of diseases. These diseases affect the brain regions that separates the different features be. Thus, the different symptoms occur in.

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