RN VISA interview and medical exam

If your immigrant visa petition is approved, USCIS sends the file to nvc (National Visa Center) for processing, nk, and we did, the file is sent to the nearest U.S. embassy, ​​where your visa will be issued.
In the meantime he will give you a packet received by NK and that the package of his appointment to interview for a visa and who and what belongs together embassy.

The package shows a list of advice from doctors and their contacts, which you can get a visa medical examination. Details of medical examination may vary from region to region. Medical examination usually consists of physical examination, immunization, HIV / AIDS test, syphilis test screen and can accommodate test and chest X-rays involved.

In rare cases, however, the existing condition or treatment for specific instructions from the embassy prove this case bone age test, a specialist report and DNA testing may be part of your medical research.
The duration of your immigrant visa processing can vary from several months to a year or even years, and there are several factors that delays in processing visa cause.

After a successful run through the interview for a visa and medical check your visa a few days or week (s) to get a visa interview.

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