Motion System - Human Skeleton Structure

What is the Movement System (locomotor system) Motion Support System

In this system, skeleton, joints and muscles are.

Skeleton - Osteology

All the roof is made ​​of many bones of the body with the cartilages in some areas in this part of the skeleton of bones form the roof.

The bones, soft parts of the body's organs, mainstay who work on them as well as the business of acting as an adhesive, muscle contraction and passive roles.

The skeleton structure, Structure of the Human Skeleton, skeleton, bone name field, a white solid, united to each other articulate the name given to the whole of the organs.
Metallic foreign substances, and many times the normal means of linking that are fastened to each other in the way of the skeletal frame is called artificial.

Partition of the skeleton, the skeleton has the following components:

1) The spine (vertebral column), the name of a column in area and the spine.
2) behind a single bone called the spine, combined with the leading stemum Ribs (Costa), which came together in the so-called rib cage chest (thorax) do.
3) Head (Caput) and the joints of the spine with the upper end of the head and face, he divided into two parts.
4) Üsttaraf
5) Alttaraf

The two upper and two lower hand, the winners of the chest, shoulder bones, the fossa junction cinguli extremitatum thoracicarum), the runners-pelvic junction of the spine bones (bones cinguli extremitatum pelvinarum) and. eklemlenmiştir. Junction of the shoulder bones, collar bone (clavicle) and shoulder bone (scapula) is. Pelvic bones of the junction of the two hip bones (os coxae) and the hip bone, leading both to each other, combined with the pelvis behind the sacrum (pelvis) and I will bring about.

6), away from the neck of a skeleton in the hyoid bone (hyoid) are also available.

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