Lung Amibiasis

Lung Amibiasis

Histolitikadır entomoeba factor. Amoeba liver abscess is usually related to the passing of diaphragm and lung disease. Colitis symptoms such as diarrhea and tenesmus, right upper quadrant abdominal tenderness, painful hepatomegaly, weight loss, fever, dry cough, lung amibiasis'ini consider. Sputum, such as chocolate paste is removed from the period of the disease is advanced, a subsidiary of hepato-bronchial will be indicated. Some patients say it's very painful, a subsidiary of Safrabronş phlegm.

Concentration and lung abscess is a localized view of the base of Radiography monitored.
Amibiasis'inin treatment of lung and liver abscess amoeba treatment should be applied together. Liver abscess surgically drained, and metromi-dazole and iodoquinol direnle used drugs.

Ascariasis (Loeffler's Syndrome)

Parasite Ascaris eggs to people infected through food. The larva enters the small intestine mucosa lung lymph and blood circulation, causes an allergic reaction, and increases in blood eosinophils. Loeffler's syndrome can cause a lot of different character aller-antigen.

The main clinical signs of disease, dry cough, fever sübfebril, scattered sibilan and ronflan Railer, hemoptysis, and dyspnea in severe cases. Chest X-ray of one or a few places there are a few centimeters in diameter homogeneous condensation. Lobar localization of the infiltrates may be combined with more serious cases. Pulmonary infiltrates are usually transient, spontaneously disappear.
Mebendazole or albendazole are used in the treatment of Ascariasis medicine.

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