Karine Pnömosistis

Protozon cause of a parasite group. Diseases that reduce immunity and immunosuppressive drug use is monitored more frequently. The most serious and fatal disease, a complication of AIDS Pnömosistis wife. The disease often insidious and chronic nature. Intermittent dry cough, dyspnea, syanoz, sübfebril heard sporadic fire and physical examination, wet and dry Railer main clinical symptoms.
Chest radiography is particularly perihilar reticulo-granular appearance. The disease progresses, concentrate, consist of focal areas of atelectasis and emphysema. In some cases, bronchial aspiration may cause material to pnömosistis wife. However, the majority of cases the disease is diagnosed with lung biopsy.

Pnömosistis wife for the treatment of trimethoprim, and pentamidine isothionate toxazole sulfame-used drugs.

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