Get the bone - the frontal

Wide and the vertical portion of the front of the head with a piece of sedefsi; the horizontal part of the eye sockets with a bone to help yapmağa.
Thus, can be divided into two parts:

1) the vertical part, above the vertical and transverse (frontal case), as a concave rear face of the front portion of the skull makes the name of this piece is squama frontalis.
2) a horizontal track, the orbito-nasal track name at the bottom and takes a horizontal position. This is the second part has caused the sides to orbitaları pars orbitalis, pars nasalis to be associated with the middle part of the nasal cavities is called.

Bulundurulunca the whole thing into consideration, a frontal internal (intracranial), the other is external (kafadışı) with a circumference of two faces, can be addressed.
A. Head off-side, this is one of hundreds of vertical, one horizontal combining them in two departments indicates orbito nasal edge.

The vertical part of the front convex, middle line shows the two sides of your tabs. Yapmağa hole, a small temple to help the sides are concave yüzcük. Kafadışı deemed the face of the sort

1) on the Central line, called a sewing metopica suture can be seen as a rare, but many times after birth can be found traces of the lower parts of the sewing is lost in the middle of the line.
2) Central line on the bottom, a large ridge glabella,
3) the length of the sides and opening his brow ridge belt showing a downward concavity,
4) They rounded the top and sides of the center line is a large mound that the latter two prominence in young people.
5) More on the sides, the temple name of line and the vertical part of the convex surface of the bone kafadışı concave section located between the sides of the front surface of a temporal line, (This is the beginning of the skeleton makes Unea temporalis superior).
6) Finally, the dışyanda, triangular-shaped light in a concave surface (facies temporalis ossis frontalis) are seen.

Horizontal track, the center forward and downward konkavlığı shows a notch. Toothed edges of the nasal bones içyanda this notch, with the overhang of the frontal bone of the upper jaw birlcş'r dışyanda. Orbito-nasal portion of spina nasalis sides of the horizontal piece, the sides of their mouth apertura sinus frontalis, sinus frontalis'in there.

This track is seen in the middle of the ethmoid notch. very rough edge of the notch in the skeleton merge etmoidle. In front of the notch and ledge in the middle of this sim is called spina nasalis. The three-sided pyramid shaped hill above the base below the nasal bones in the skeleton, this is a rough thorn combines with the front face. Rear faces to help the roof of the nasal cavities. And the vertical ridge on the back of the middle vertical laminası etmodin united.
Extending from the sides and behind the front to the back surface of the ethmoid çentiğinin this with each other on the half-cells are separated by a thin lamellerle. Half the upper surface of the pits, called ethmoidea Foveollae ethmoid cells in a cell will fully merge. This is right on the left between the two half cells, one groove-shaped grooves combined with a half ahead of the same channels ethmoid canal canal orbitocranialis orbitoethmoideus'u will bring back.

There are two triangular-shaped concave trough along a horizontal track called facies orbitalis and look at the top of the pit wall in the small depressions on this surface dışyanda lacrimal gland fossa; içyanda and leading a small dent in the other is called foveola trochlearis. (Piyeste this cupping the tear gland found in the first and the second on the beam in the m obliguus superior trochlea of the stick)

Orbito-nasal edge, this is one of the two sides in the middle there are three belts. Outside edges of the toothed belt in the middle and upper jaw bone içyanda nasal bones skeleton merge with the frontal overhang. Is the upper edges of the side arches of the orbit, parts of these arches dışyan blunt inner side sections are sharp. The side straps are sometimes a notch on the center line three inches dışyanında sometimes has a hole that inclsura supraorbital notch or foramen and supraorbital vessels and nerves through this hole in name.

Ends with a bulge in the form of prismatic outer ends of the side arches, the protrusion of the zygomatic process is called zygomaticus ossis frontal bone skeleton merge with the upper angle.

B. In the face of the head, the face of a rear-facing concavity opening shows in general, this is one of the faces in the vertical as well as head off the face of one of the two surfaces are horizontal. Both of them are those seen on. Ethmoid from the bottom up over the center line just above the foramen caecum çentiğinin name of the blind hole, which extends upward over the month as a comb and then divided into two acuity to disappear towards the top edge of the bone crest is ongoing. Water ibig beginning of the frontal crest, the groove in between the next ikileşerek sagitalis is called the sulcus, this small and thriving in the gutter with them: 'Job pits Paccioni bodies are called pits.

Sides, as both sides of the ethmoid çentiğinin konveksliği indented above the horizontal surface facing up, and pars on the face of intracranial orbitalis'in impresiones gyrorum indents, tabs are juga cerebralia name that curves komşudurlar piyeste brain.

C. Circumference of the bone, the bone around the above, one of the two semi-circular edge horizontally below shows the other one. Skeleton is a semi-circular edge higher gear, base: the junction section to the parietal bone is called margo parietalis. The top section edge from the inside out, outside to the inside bottom section means your pen vari this edge, the lower part of the great wing of sphenoid joins with the skeleton.
Horizontal part of the ethmoid notch in the middle of the environment by showing them the whole length of the small wing of sphenoid and adjacent skeleton.

Between the upper and lower parts of the environment on the sides of the thick and blunt wing corner with a large skeleton joins the sphenoid.

Get sinus, bone, internal and external laminası iaminası eyebrow arches and the straight line between the left and right, in the form of a triangular pyramid called the septum area in between the spaces separated by a partition is called the frontal sinus, ethmoid notch in the skeleton as seen in this sinusiar them a little before and a half in front of the aperture of cells name of the frontal sinus through the hole in the nasal cavities and ethmoid infudibulumu medium measına opened.

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