Food Allergies and abdominal pain

Allergic reactions to allergens at any time, usually a dangerous assault on the immune system also reduces the harmless illusion, caused by tiny substances. The body reacts to these allergens and viruses or other microbes against excessive pain prescriptions used by the application gets the same. This show also a source of allergic reactions.

As you breathe in mold spores, dust mites and pollen allergens such as waste enters the lungs through the nose. While eating allergens (usually proteins in food) is taken by mouth to the digestive system. In both cases, the resulting reactions are very similar. Allergens in your stomach and passes into the bloodstream where the immune system encounters. Alerjeniyle first time experiencing a food, the immune system, large amounts of immunoglobulin E (IgE) reacts by producing antibodies. These antibodies are specific to the allergen. Parsley does not react to proteins produced antibodies against peanut proteins, for example.
Now that sensitivity to food alerjenine have won. You eat the same food again, it means that your body is ready to enter the war. Antibodies tutunmuşlardır giant mast cells. They are full of histamine and other chemicals. Antibody detects the allergen immediately captures and contains ingredients to vacate the mast cell triggers.

Antibodies to allergens depends on where you catch you will feel symptoms. Digestion is a process too complicated, many parts of your body is engaged in this process. Food-contact pass in the first place (some of dökmedikçe on you) of your mouth. Allergens during chewing, language or yanaklarınızdaki antibodies and mast cells in tissues detected by. So, shortly after receiving the first lokmanızı feel tingling.

Yutkunmayla with the food, passes through the esophagus. Here, triggering an allergic reaction, burning throat, and perhaps more will lead to a sense of urgency. The third stop is the stomach and intestines. Allergic reactions are abdominal pain, diarrhea or vomiting can result. Allergens finds the possibility of going around the whole body when the intestine into the bloodstream. This journey until reaching the lungs can cause breathing difficulties and even asthma attacks in those predisposed. Finally, the effects of allergens in the skin showing, may cause allergic reactions such as hives or eczema.

All of them to go through a period ranging from several minutes to an hour is enough. Rare but dangerous exceptions aside, you hear the disposal of the body ends allergen discomfort. This is a process that usually ends within hours.
Many food-allergic reaction in yaratabilirse, more than 90 percent of these reactions depends on the following eight foods:

Shrimp, lobster, shellfish such as crab
Eggs and egg products
Nuts, walnuts, the nuts of trees such as
Grain and bakery products
Milk and milk products
Soybean and soy products

Fish, egg and milk allergies are common, especially among children. In children and adults against the most consumed food allergy is more common. For example, allergic reactions to rice in Japan is more common than those consumed less rice. Open-sea fish such as cod The same is true for the Scandinavian countries.

In the meantime, let us mention alerjiyle surprising about the results. The reason is not known yet, time to delivery of food allergy in childhood were associated with susceptibility kazanmayla. In Sweden, according to a study conducted on more than 200 children, born between the months of September and February, egg whites, milk and bakery products this against the IgE antibodies are produced much more than any other month doğanlardakinden. Eczema, as well as the possibility of development of allergy is higher.

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