Fat Embolism Syndrome

Small vessels of the lungs into the circulation due to trauma tıkamasıdır oil droplets. So many times, breaking the bones of the femur or tibia is the result. Embolism as well as review the other escaped many times, they are not diagnostic. For example, 80% of cases of external cardiac massage autopsy showed pulmonary fat embolism.

Two days after a trauma, cough, dyspnea, hemoptysis, pleural pain, fever, tachycardia, and dry Railer age, clinical symptoms, such as occurs frotman. In some cases, heart failure, circulatory shock and the acute cor pulmonale syanoz and monitored. Other organs, signs of embolism after cardiopulmonary symptoms are seen. Confusion, loss of consciousness, cerebral symptoms such as delirium and coma, and petechiae on the skin major systemic symptoms. In one patient two days after a trauma, cardiopulmonary, cerebral and skin for signs of fat embolism occurs triad'dır pathognomonic. Oil droplets can be found in the urine, the diagnosis of disease in this case is finalized.

Chest radiograph bilateral alveolar edema as a result of Konso-idasyon are common. Consolidation of lung periphery is more. Concentration of cardiac origin, pulmonary edema is more pronounced in floors. Lung fat embolism in cases of heart enlargement, venous hypertension or interstitial edema, perivascular there. These findings are evidence that the pulmonary edema of cardiac origin. Clinical symptoms and radiologic abnormalities, trauma occurs after one or two days a week and 1-4 disappear.

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