Best Jobs 2011 Healthcare Jobs

Health maintains an excellent opportunity for job seekers, not only in the position to offer a medical degree. Occupations that require fewer years of education and more modest wages, and physical therapist assistant in the laboratory in question. Many of the occupations on this list and the top row of the Ministry of Labour growth expectations for 2008 2018, mainly because of the millions of aging baby boomers will continue to increase demand for health on-site service.

Additions to the list this year includes a massage therapist and athletic trainer, rooted in preventive medicine. Returning vets are very popular.

The photos in the Health category for this year:

• Athletic Trainer

• dental hygienist

• laboratory

• Massage Therapist

• occupational therapist

• Optometrists

• Medical Assistant

• physiotherapist

• physical therapist assistant

• radiology technologist

• nurse

• school psychologist

• veterinarian

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