Anaerobic Bacterial pneumonia

Anaerobe bacterial pneumonia, anaerobic bacteria

Alcoholics, debilitan patients and those without good oral health care (infected tooth, gingivitis, and so on.) And those with upper respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia more often consist of sinüsitis.
The main factors bakteroid group bacteria, streptococcus, staphylococcus, aureus, klebsiella and psödomonaslardır.

Anaerobic bacterial infections of acute or insidious starts. Sometimes foul-smelling sputum, and sometimes bloody. High fever, chills sometimes happens. Often there is pain in the pleura.
On physical examination, the symptoms of lung concentration, pleurisy, in some cases, the findings observed scattered odaklarıyla infection.

The main view radiographic pneumonitis, pneumonia, abscess, and empyema related. These findings separately, or both, along with three of them are observed. Abscesses, a homogeneous concentration (mass), necrosis (thick-walled Intracavernous intizamsız) radiological appearance of the disease manifestations. This kavernlerde air-fluid level, and there is a concentration around the lung parenkimasında. The disease progresses rapidly. Empyema occurs in almost every case.

15,000 to 25,000 white blood cell count, especially related to the increase in polymorphonuclear leukocytes core. Anaerobic lung infections, an average of three different micro-organisms, for example, anaerobic bacteria, there are other bacteria and spirochaetes.

Anaerobic bacteria effective antibiotic penicillin pneumonia. 5-10 million units per day is given IV or IM. Penicillin-resistant cases, cefoperazone (2-3 gm / day IV or IM), kloranfenikol (2-3 gm / day, orally), clindamycin (300-600 rag / day, orally) and tetracycline (2-3 gm / day, orally ) are given antibiotics.

Treatment is continued until 4 weeks. These infections microorganisms acquire resistance to drugs easier. By sputum culture is often an effective treatment. Diabetes, if you have diseases such as anemia, increases success in their treatment.

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