Allergy Safety in Schools

Insect stings or a food allergy-related death cases at all level should not be underestimated. Your child may encounter a situation endangering the life of alerjiliyse. Let's say you know what to do in an emergency. Well, what about you where you are? What will happen to children in school?

Your child's school to prepare such a situation, some suggestions are as follows:

The school administration should be prepared to use by the physician to an appropriate treatment protocol.

Allergy each year in school before opening the child's family must notify the administration in this situation. Children under the risk of anaphylaxis due to food or insect stings, the school administration that may arise in an unexpected life-threatening allergic reaction is very important to be ready against possible developments.

Identification card, the child's name, photograph, specific allergy (eg peanuts or bee stings), responses should include warning signs and appropriate emergency treatment path. This information should be easy to reach all those concerned.

The school administration trying to keep the child away from situations likely to create an allergy, the child's school life as possible, should also help maintain a normal manner.
All school staff, should know the child's allergies may require you to be treated with adrenalin. Adrenaline auto-injectors for the student draws a physician's prescription, the school administration should be prepared for this situation and where you can find the ingredients should be aware that in case of emergency. Auto-injector package, about the child's name and class number at the top should be written clearly. Expiration dates of such kits should be checked regularly.
The Administration should determine the content of nutrients in food meals served at schools, child's allergy.

Especially all the surfaces used by children under three years of age (tables, toys, abacus, plates), carefully washed and cleaned. Lead her work in the child's age and amount of crawling into his mouth, even an allergic reaction to an allergen can initiate.

Courses must be used within the scope of foods, the child's allergy should not reveal the kind.

No insect nests should be all around the school.

Should be kept tightly closed areas over garbage.

Students and staff can be seen in insect sting allergy season to eat meals provided in school.

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