Allergy Medicine Allergic Disease

Established a link between foreign substances and its formation of a specific or ascertained the presence of certain defense articles. Factors that cause disease will be thoroughly investigated and the body with the skin on the examination is done in the investigations. Thus, the safest way and the body's hypersensitivity reaction to foreign substances are identified. Allergy is doing a suspected foreign agents, either directly or through gauze is placed over the skin. After a period of allergy as a sign of swelling and redness in the skin are seen. The same material to investigate the suspected food items may also attend. Definitely allergic food in this research should be initiated. Then, a variety of articles of food, allergies, the substances thought to be mixed in one at a time. If you are an extreme reaction, signs of sensitivity occur, as a cause of food allergy is considered to be the final item involved. This research may take 30 days. A particular sensitivity for the detection of dust on the cabin air is inserted into a patient in the experiments. This can be found in the air chamber is free of all dust. Determine the specific type of allergy dust into the air will be mixed.

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