Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol Addiction has been a tremendous contribution in shaping the treatment of alcoholism. Methods has been established after a period of time started to get successful results, as well as the perception of alcoholism as a disease of psychiatry was initiated by the development of treatment methods.
Completely separated from each other sözkonusudur two stages in the treatment of alcoholism. The first phase of alcohol withdrawal symptoms after stopping the treatment started. Chronic alcohol use is discontinued for a long time alcohol can be seen after alcohol withdrawal, is a vital risk. Izlenilmelidir under the supervision of the physician. Severe deprivation of the tables that can certainly be met in the hospital.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms lasts for about ten days. During this period of treatment, central nervous system acting drugs such as alcohol from high-dose (eg, benzodiazepines) is cut by reducing gradually over time. In the meantime, there has been a long time thought to be considering the effect of eating disorders and alcohol consumer B vitamins are vitamins. Blood pressure should be monitored blood pressure elevations may occur, medication should be reduced if necessary. Must be aware of epilepsy also can be seen still abstinence syndrome should be taken if necessary.

Those made ​​at this stage, only the treatment of withdrawal syndrome. Treatment of alcoholism in the person's ability to be able to win the second stage in the fight against addiction.
Dependency today, which lasted lifetime 'is discussed as a disease. This seems to be constant for all the dependencies. For example, someone who smoked two packs a day, even after you stop smoking for a long period of time begins to smoke again within a very short time to smoke two packs a day to start again almost certainly be said. People will not be freed from dependence on the end of treatment, will gain the ability to cope with addiction. Alcoholism refers to addiction to cope with not drinking alcohol at all.

Addiction treatment requirement, the responsibility of the addict and the treatment is that treatment request. Take on the responsibility of the treatment, therapy and treatment for him to want to show the means for the effort. Continuity in the treatment of other diseases showing similar features sözkonusudur. For example, in the case of a disturbance involving cardiac vessels in many living next to use the activity of other drugs, such as eating disease, according to the plan and must comply with it. This means that efforts to treat and participate in treatment. The difference for the treatment of alcoholism, drugs, lack of treatment will help.

Dependence in various therapeutic techniques can be used to acquire the ability to cope. Their common point is not to take alcohol only adjusted to the lack of treatment. Be taken only dependent on the treatment of substance dependence owned installed. Development of alcoholism, some changes occur in the form of living together. These changes actually resulted in a general state of neglect. People with addiction, health issues, family and close relations with the environment, suffered losses in business. Direct effect of alcohol is due to negligence, such as the occupation is that the time allocated to all other interests and requirements as well. As discussed earlier, is not addictive, but only alcohol use, alcohol use is characterized by changes wrought by the living. Addiction occurs, the person should be the responsibility of being inherited by the relatives of many business or wants to start. is managed in the workplace, at home, you need to do the same, rather than by parents puts kids or start. Family is the reason why a change in system. A number of jobs started to be transferred to the transfer of powers in fact a number of secret or open. Inevitably, the roles will be redefined within the system. Role in the co-dependency is defined as the area near this. Re-shaped by the dependency of people around him with Bağımlıyla life.

Environment will be primarily at the request of the addict to be treated. But this is useless. To take responsibility for their own treatment should begin before the person's life. The treatment process, all the responsibilities delegated to others is to get back onto itself in stages. Your own health care, being responsible for their own living space, to fulfill its own function to provide the winning habit. According to the principles listed above, the person seeking treatment or outpatient treatment programs established within the hospital may apply. The same principles of treatment are functioning in different ways.
Some treatment approaches may have to change your behavior. Some examples were taught skills to refuse alcohol addicts back on the responsibilities of individual assignments will be provided to just change your life. Here are the main intervention, behaviors and habits. Repeated examples of situations to facilitate the person to receive both the alcohol and the responsibilities of the driving habits of preparing the ground for escape unfolds. A person is expected to change this behavior. In the meantime, be informed about the status of people by explaining the dependency properties. What is important is the desire to preserve the treatment of alcohol dependency during and after the addict.

Dependent outpatient group therapy, is having treatment for addicts, the hospital is located along yatıyorsa other addicts, addicts organized structure of their environment to support each other and formed their own experience in the media feel the values ​​must be sober as an individual.

Şekillenmemelidir on the treatment of alcohol completely. Alcohol has been eliminated in many different problems in their lives waiting for them. On the one hand with the support of the group's challenges to each other creating an environment for individuals to build self-esteem on the other hand takınılacak attitude in the face of problems should be reviewed together.

Clients must be involved in their families to change. This primarily protects the status of the family for being old is required to eliminate the vacuum created by. After treatment of the individual's family that will support hazırlanabilmişse enough. However, this support, to do his work or his name will not be in the form of treatment to continue. Layout re-creates the life of the individual re-integrated into the system to him by accepting the existence of the family constitute the most favorable environment for the treatment of the addict.
Addiction treatment henna from time to time may be hope. After treatment, recurrences may occur. This dependence should be considered as a part of. It is important to maintain the addicted person receive treatment as soon as possible and again girişmesidir treatment. Ensure that the success of the treatment.

AA, such as self-help groups, and institutions that help the addict to treatment according to the request. Sustainable cooperation with institutions in this kind of treatment.

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