Alcohol Drug Dependence Treatment

Disülfram's drug, a drug used since time immemorial for the treatment of alcoholism. Body, aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), work by preventing the effect. Alcohol in the body decomposes in two stages. Alcohol first, then converted to acetaldehyde by ALDH is made ​​completely ineffective. Acetaldehyde alcohol "hangover jacket" driven by the effects of substance. Acetaldehyde accumulates in the body rapidly while the alcohol is taken Disülfram continue to be unpleasant, and no nausea, headache, leads to symptoms such as hot flushes. This avoids the use of side effects and other alcohol.

Disülframla treatments of being very alone succeeded. After a while start to take alcohol addicts often re-cut to take Disulfram. Disülfram perhaps accompanied by some of the psychological treatment programs may be useful. It is important to keep and live the lifestyle of people dependent on alcohol or not the decision is to lifestyle.

In recent years, used to treat opiate addiction by naltroxan drug (an opiate receptor antagonist originally) used regularly for alcohol-dependent way to reduce appetite alcohol research has been published. There is currently a widespread use of this area Naltroxarın.

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