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About Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

Psychodynamic theories of approach, the first years of childhood shaped by a dynamic equilibrium between the forces of the presumed spiritual bases, representing the human self in the ego, of an inner impulses (id), representing the expectations of the community's spiritual sense of balance süperegoyla to live in harmonious surroundings. Social impulses in any way from İd'den sekilenmemiş, representing only dürtülerdir requests. Directed towards different parts of the body at different stages of life as a basic desire to understand sexuality (libido). Superego represents the moral education. The formation of the child during cultivation of moral values, it performs benimsetilen. Basically, the child's superego, the child raised in a family and still grow in a broader sense, is the voice of social values. Critical and punitive attitude taken by against the grain structure is evident. Süperegonun punitive action is the most obvious sense of guilt. Ego, Id'den süperegonun punitive attitude in order to prevent the sexual urge can accept requests by converting the balance of society tries to protect. In cases where requests can not do this by using defense mechanisms such as suppression of attempts to keep away from consciousness. Accordance with the wishes of the society sought to be kept under the impulses of consciousness getirilemeyerek be unusual to be able to express themselves, here they are when they start to use the roads creates neurotic symptoms.

Analytical approach to addiction, substance use [of alcohol] chemical effects, the way of a psychological desire to meet the requirement. Rubinstein, giving a sense of security, allowing himself to prove a thing to conquer. Addiction is mandatory for the wish that efforts such as the fed tells the poor will remain. Chemical effects of alcohol, this sedative effect for ordinary people dependent on sedative etkiyken elegeçirme above mentioned, the absolute feeling of security and reach. Now requests will not need to feed another effort. Meeting the basic requirements of life is dependent on alcohol, other areas of interest to obtain almost slowly disappearing.

"Alcohol intoxication, inhibition and the fact that restrictive views consciousness, instincts turn up previously characterized so that a person can not show the courage to perform instinctive actions with the help of alcohol and finds satisfaction as well as avunç. Superego, the soul is defined as alcohol-soluble portion. For this reason all the time scale distribution of alcohol Due to the power of övülmüştür. inhibisy some people to pull out of their decline in some of them really pleasurable phantasies, obstacles and desires of a small dock appears closer to realization. " (Fenichel)

Defined above form the effects of alcohol, alcohol for people to realize their desires süperegonun punitive said dispassionately, but it is not clear why some of them are alcoholics.

Analytical theory, revealing the dependency of individuals in their childhood, the oral period, and alcohol intake, oral characters are experiencing mental injuries, a decline in the period that the oral narcissistic defenses. Requested to express, in early childhood, instinctual sexual (libidinal) requests not yet been expressed through the mouth, the child's most important source of pleasure in eating, due to some problems are experienced during early infancy psikoseksül that period of development (oral session) includes the obsessions of. Ready for the mouth region of the dependent adult is still the most important concerns. Be taken by mouth, not only because of alcohol, a substance taken by mouth distress dispenser, eliminates the pleasurable effect of problem almost exactly the period and are experiencing problems, problems of that era (not conscious of any time) is good. A sense of confidence and will milk your baby should take in the feeling of satiety after years of giving him alcohol.

People did not trust him all throughout his life that no one has found alcohol. Other events of his life to maintain his emotional investment may slow. Ultimately, the basic requirement, the basic substance of satisfaction will be alcohol. As for the baby milk.
The first consists of a sense of basic trust in an age. Children of the world a safe place to decide whether or not in accordance with the relation of his mother during this period. Alcohol provides a sense of security, a sense of self-confidence, rather than just show it.

As we have seen the disease model of alcoholism in the face of the analytical approach, endeavoring to explain alcoholism Based on developmental factors. Konanlar out, looking for solutions to alcohol alcoholics describes intrapsychic conflicts. Genetic transition with first recognized, a case of alcoholism is not the only reason that dynamic psychiatry is on the agenda in the first years of infancy in childhood, then the attitude of the family is emphasized as a preparatory for alcoholism. Early exclusion by the mother or father, excessive protectionism, making responsible behavior early may predispose to alcoholism. All of these behaviors in the future for children to develop a structure to prevent self-confident attitude. Early isolation from family and early responsibility, because of the responsibilities under the oppression will bring the load. Protective extreme attitude about taking responsibility for the inexperience will prepare again. Basically, the subconscious desire to protect and kollanmaktır alcoholics. Defense mechanisms against this request at hand out of the way it is shaped in the narcissistic / grandiose attitude. Self-respect and family responsibilities to be taken early on, starting with the accusation of failure to meet the attitude towards this. Alcoholism meets all of these structuring. The sense of alcoholism, not only yearn for alcohol to be avoided. On the one hand due to alcohol, gained a sense of self-confidence, relaxation and heard about the unrest in the failure of reattachment of alcohol on the other hand is constantly failing because of the jobs to be run by relatives and friends have been. The resulting changes in life and all seem to subconscious desires. Alcoholism takes place at the environment, the expectations of people who begin to fall. It, too, there is no longer a disease state. Continuing an ongoing illness. Inevitably begin to look for the close vicinity of alcoholics. But on the one hand, this solution also exacerbates the conflict. The family are given early responsibility, or because of excessive superego Protective shaped manner, others have become in need of assistance, feelings of guilt and worthlessness will suffer severely. Under the resulting unrest nearly two-thinking consciousness says:

"I retain my insignificant person
I have a job yaramıyorum insignificant "

The second sentence, suggesting a little feeling of guilt, the first sentence from the basic libidinal ld'den representative of the request. And astada two sentences describe the same thing: "I sevilmiyorum." Chemical effects of civil unrest arising from the arrival of the two faces of alcohol and I thought, suggesting that the depression of the sentence sevilmiyorum calms. Alcoholism can be reached as a result of all this conflict is a way of life continues to be both the cause and cure. It's a vicious cycle, a vortex, almost engulfing addict. Attitude is maintained until the last moment grandiose "I sevilmiyorum" conscious subconscious defense to those who believe: "I do not need anyone's love" or the oral-narcissistic words, like a baby, "everyone must love me."

Developmental features of this table only way out of alcoholism çıkarmayacağını do not know. Research conducted before the development of alcoholism, personality traits failed to detect a genuine priority to develop alcoholism. Alcoholics, alcoholism, problems of development in the face of life than before there is evidence that they were unsuccessful.

This is for comments to be dealt with first, is that only examines the developmental factors. More importantly, as a result of alcoholism seen as a series of cases. Psychodynamic approaches to examining the treatment of AA techniques, when adapted to the understanding reached significant achievements of the treatment. The main difference with the psychodynamic approach to the disease model of alcoholism as a stand-alone case and determining what is desirable is not a way of life, is that the inevitable desire to take alcohol. Theory may be true for the development of the disease model of alcoholism, but reveals, once again after the development of alcoholism, alcoholism itself is something to be dealt with, not the causes of default under the lie.

The disease model of alcoholism on the other hand, such as the perception of psychological causes or examined. However, the psychological structure that is extremely important for the understanding of alcoholism. Psychodynamic psychiatry predisposition to alcoholism contribution to the concept of biological markers may provide transportation to the concept of individual susceptibility. Prone To determine the biological characteristics of the psychological structure that. By an individual's physical and mental structure as a whole, if we consider the individual contributions of the individual susceptibility talk about dynamic psychiatry. Along with the attributes of its biological basis for each individual how to use with features that it determines the existence of his life experience.

Alcoholism, a dynamic process determined by many different factors kümesiyse common results, these factors should be given absolute in the psychological structure. Describe the general structure of a psychological rather than dwell on individual psychodynamic processes, again seems to be the most realistic attitude.

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