24 to 48 Hours Following Early Discharge

This plan of care focused on children up to 30 hours after delivery was completed. It is intended to be used in conjunction with CP: a child ages two hours to two days. Although the start of implementation can be dangerous for some children, newborn health, looks more like a parent (s) knowledge and support at home with a hinge. Home evaluation 24-48 hours after the release include the possibility of a positive assessment of the newborn to adapt to extrauterine life.


To meet the stringent criteria for early release, the newborn is a normal, healthy child is determined by a thorough medical examination, gestational age, 38-42 weeks, birth weight, 2.500 to 4.000 grams, vital and stable temperature, Apgar 7-1 and score more than 5 minutes, allowing the normal model and successful breastfeeding.

Diagnostic tests

HCT: 40% -61%
Coombs test: Negative
Testing, including PKU, and thyroid tests, depending on individual risk factors and agency policy


Supporting the transition from first birth to ectopic life.
2nd Encourage positive interaction between children and parents.
3rd Provides support and information on childcare.

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