1 Week Following Discharge

1 week old still adapting to extrauterine life, physiological and behavioral characteristics. In this transition period is very normal variations. View estimates of the risk factors or deviations from the expected standards.



You wake up / fussy between feedings
Sleeping more or less than usual 17 hours per day


Heart reaches 110-160 beats per minute, strong and regular.

Ego Integrity (parents)

ERP can be unrealistic expectations for themselves and the newborn
They can express feelings of incompetence or lack of knowledge


Urine pale and straw-colored, with a capacity of 6-10 dry skin daily.
Soft abdomen with bowel sounds in all four quadrants.
Air pattern varies, Chairman of the form, yellow-brown and 2-3 times per day in children fed cow's milk formula, mustard-colored, loose, and initially every meal or every few days in breastfed children.

Food / Fluid

Is it hard to adjust to breast or bottle of oral intake may also insufficient in the case.
Body weight averaged one ounce per day.


Symmetrical facial expressions
Reflexes associated with food (sucking, swallowing, gag, and roots) and are highly
Moro, grasp reflexes, and support strong, symmetrical reaction
Uncoordinated motor and reflex activity (for further development of the nervous system)
Good muscle tone, head of the delay

Pain / discomfort

Irritability, crying associated with colic may occur.


Respiratory frequency 30-60/min no signs of problems (such as growling, nasal burning or cancellation).
Typically, alternating fast and slow to react to stimuli.
Crying loud, hard, challenging and purposeful.
Lungs clear bilaterally equal breath sounds.


Skin pink and warm feel, with a good skin turgor no scab, a temporary discoloration or staining may occur reaction to cold.
The skin can be a bit dry or peeling folds.
Mild jaundice that only the upper limbs or body may be present, with a peak on day 4 or 5, up to 7 days from the start.
Temperature stable, the axillary / pacifier, 97.6 ° F-98, 6 ° F (36.5 ° C-37 ° C), rectal, 97.8 ° F-99 F (36.6 ° C-37 2 C).
Umbilical cord stump dry, with no signs of inflammation, a slight bleeding can be observed at a distance 7-14 days after birth.


Circumcised penis is healing well and without exudate

Diagnostic tests

Tests are dependent on the individual findings / problems
The check is repeated every 7-14 days metabolic diseases can be detected


Facilitating the first initial current physiological and behavioral adaptation to extrauterine life.
2nd Encouraging adequate fluid and nutrition.
Providing information to third parent (s), child safety and development needs and interaction skills.
4th We encourage parents to use support systems.

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