What is Bisinosis

Cotton, flax and hemp is a pneumonia caused by inhalation of dust konyosistir. Dust inhalation rate and severity of disease increases intensified. There is an interesting patogenesi disease, a healthy person, cotton, flax and hemp dust inhaled when the disease does not occur immediately. After working for a long time a serious cough, chest tightness, wheezing, and exertional dyspnea husule income. These symptoms are similar to the work week begins Monday holiday ends Astmaya occurs. Usually the other days of the week will be lost. Therefore, this disease, "Mondays fire" is also known as.

Pathological evaluation of patients with chronic bronchitis and emphysema patients with long-term results are observed. Allergic reaction to some substances in the dust of the disease has to do with textiles. The suspension will be lost from the study of disease symptoms.

Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis

(Hypersensitivity pneumonitis)

Farmers lung

Upon specific antigens in the alveoli of inhaled organic powders allergic diseases "extrinsic allergic alveolitis" or "hipersesitive pneumonitis" is called.

Farmers lung

Extrinsic allergic alveolitise a disorder that causes.

Moldy hay or other moldy vegetable powders, a lung disease caused by inhalation. The disease in damp and moldy hay and other nebatta thermophilic some actinomycosis occurs by inhalation of antigens.


Topographical distribution of lung lesions similar to bronchopneumonitises. Alveolar kapillerinde acute vasculitis, fibrin, neutrophils, eosinophils and monocyte infiltration of leuko-have-site. Obstructive bronchiolitis developed in the middle of these lesions. After this period, the disease is an acute granulomatous interstitial pneumonitis and non-granuloma develops. The disease increasingly fibrosis, pneumonitis, and emphysema in a mixture of tissue change.

Clinical symptoms

Clinical symptom usually occurs when two groups of acute and chronic. 4-8 hours after inhalation of antigens by acute symptoms of dyspnea, cough, fatigue, chills, fever, and sometimes followed by hemoptysis. It shows the most common chronic formada going insidious disease, progressive dyspnea, cough, weight loss, chills, fever, fatigue and pain are like the local and systemic symptoms. Despite the importance of clinical symptoms, but rarely crepitan Railer Auscultation sounds. Especially in the history of clinical symptoms of allergy in some patients with "asthma bronşitine" similar. Acute and subchronic repeated inhalation of antigen leads to an increase in symptoms and lung fıbrosis'in. The story of moldy straw work is important in the diagnosis of the disease. Serum of these patients are presipitinler. Patient serum thermophile actinomycosis presence of anti-jenleriyle karşılaştınlırsa presipitinlerin understood.

Radiological findings

Chest radiograph in the acute phase of the disease to spread in both lungs shows granular or nodular. Floors and apex lesions is almost negligible. Some lesions are similar to parts of the sarcoidosis in the snow. However, hilar or mediastinal adenopathy seen farmers' lung. The location of antigens away from the patient returns to normal chest radiography. Antigen inhalasy to ten common rough location of the patients in the radiographic findings of nodular lesions in a reticular infiltrates (interstitial fibrosis) and emphysema change is monitored.

Lung function tests

In particular, diffusing capacity is reduced. Furthermore, vital capacity, expiratory air flows decrease in ex-tracked. Function abnormalities may develop in some cases, obstructive. Chest radiograph abnormalities disappeared in pulmonary function returns to normal.


Aeration of the sites must be thoroughly dry thoroughly and store hay. Allergic patients and warned those who had the disease should run for other tasks. For this purpose, a significant number of the masks kullanılmasiyle antigen inhalation of dust is reduced. Steroid therapy in patients with acute and subacute multiple times provided a good result.

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