What is Aids Disease Epidemiology

Aids Disease Epidemiology

Epidemiology, the distribution of various regions and the incidence of a disease or viewing science societies. We are in this section, the emergence of AIDS in various parts of the world, briefly describe the distribution and frequency.

the first time in the spring of 1981, the University of California 5 homosexual men, "Pneumocystis carinii" composed of bone-robuyla pneumonia (pneumonia) reported a very rare form of pneumonia, usually in some advanced cancer and leukemia and a kidney transplant a new kidney after the body's immune system to be disposed of (immune system) pressure was seen in patients given the drugs. This attracted the attention of pneumonia seen more than a solid-looking five men. Both of these 5 people who give not respond to treatment died.

Almost the same day, the New York University, Dr. Friedman observed that the last 30 months, 26 Kaposi's vak'asını reported. These, 20 of them were seen in New York and California, and 6 of them. All the patients were male and homosexual, and 4 of them were between the ages of 26 and 51 also had Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. 8 of the patients had died within the last 2 years after diagnosis. Kaposi's sarcoma is a very rare tumor that is often seen as very remarkable.

The people behind the news came from California to another: the new 10-Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia were seen more. These are two of the young homosexual, and again was seen also had Kaposi's sarcoma.

So the U.S. state of Georgia located in Atlanta, Centers for Disease Control and the Federal Bureau discussed the issue of this new syndrome is unclear what started the study. Thousands were homosexual. Almost all patients, sexual stimuli, such as amyl-nitrite and butyl nitrite used in-mind, the disease caused by these drugs was investigated. Another reason is that the hypothesis "the installation of the immune system" was put forward. Accordingly, in AIDS patients, partner sexual relations with a number of years, and various venereal diseases or who are involved. In addition, rectal bleeding, blending into the cracks where the sperm enters the immune depression (depression) engaged in the. Thus, AIDS is a long-term tear.

Antibodies, ie immunoglobulins As for the construction of antibody in these patients is ongoing. However, this is not the protective effects of antibodies against the virus. Normal quantities of antibodies, or has increased. Although the immune system breaks down, to continue the construction of antibody and T cell deficiency due to the construction of unnecessary control alınamayışındandır antibody.

Some substances secreted by the immune system in these patients also show abnormalities. "Lymphokine" called these substances, the immune cells play a role in communication between them. One of these, interleukin-2 (IL-2) proliferation of lymphocytes to divide and to facilitate the fight against substance and AlDS'li decreased in patients.

As we have seen, the body's immune system is impaired in patients with AIDS virus have been contacted and the body vulnerable to external factors, and be open to a variety of disease decreased. Therefore, we will see a little later in the clinical picture makes it impossible to live in a variety of infections in AIDS individuals.

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