What Are the Causes of swelling of the tonsils

Tonsil as some children may be greater structural. But too often people spend a reaction to infection developed in time for their tonsil tissue grow. In addition, a number of negative masses, tumor masses, there can be swelling of the tonsils. Diseases involving the lymph tissues of the body as well as other lymph tissue growth can occur in the tonsils.

Tonsil resistance can protect against infection for a long time, but some distortions in the structure occurs over time, this situation is called fibrosis, spent a number of changes may be due to infection in the tissue. In addition, the tonsils, a condition known as atrophy with age because of tonsil tissue shrinkage at the function level, you can download but not expected to completely disappear.

Tonsil swelling of the practical ways to

- 1 cup of cooled boiled water into the spoon 1tatl─▒ carbonate and Take 10 drops tentirdiyotu and gargle after mixing it will help you a lot. There is no objection to your child of any age can Yutman─▒zda.

- Ear, garbage and scrub the swelling tonsils attempt cotton on the part of the crawl.

- Sage brew and gargle to 1 cup a day.

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