RN education requirements

The first step is to develop an accredited program for registered nurses and licensed RN and exercise for at least two years.
If you have not worked for at least two (2) years of RN education, state licensing boards do not until you complete the course Fen (Foreign trained nurses) pillar consists of 120 hours of classroom and 120 clinical practice hours under supervision of a licensed registered nurse.

Your international RN training program must meet the minimum requirements of U.S. registered nurses education.

You have full implementation of the state board of nursing, as he intends to practice. Accompanying your request is a criminal investigation report, background, pictures, payment and initial drill evaluation.

The transcript should be sent directly from your college in the state board of nursing for you. If RN education is not English, a complete original and certified translation initial session (s) are required.

Some state boards do not copy evaluation. So you will have RN education session (s) to send to companies for evaluation CES (evaluation of the service, of course).
Most shops accept CES of CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing School), who winds (Educational Records Evaluation Service, Inc) or IERF (International Education Research Foundation, Inc).

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