Pulmonary Edema, Acute Lung Edema Treatment

Pulmonary capillary pressure increases or decreases of plasma osmotic pressure polmoner edema occurs. The main factor in the occurrence of pulmonary edema, capillary pressure is elevated. Capillary pressure is the major factor in increasing the pressure will increase venalarda. The main factors that increase venous pressure in the left heart disease.

Heart disease, lung edema

Left heart disease the leading cause of lung edema. It follows other heart diseases. Pulmonary edema before the air spaces (alveoli and bronchi) interstisiyumda occurs in the vicinity. Pulmonary edema at the beginning of dyspnea, orthopnea and dry cough, although complaining of a symptom can not be heard oksültasyonunda lungs.

Pulmonary edema in cases of heart is usually enlarged.

The classic symptoms of pulmonary edema, severe dyspnea, orthopnea and dry cough. Frothy sputum, and a dry cough along with plenty of character or will. In some cases of mitral stenosis as well as pink sputum or blood is türkür-Mesi. On physical examination, tachypnea, syanoz, Auscultation of lung bases crepitan Railer monitored. Railer in such fields as the disease progresses, the upper lung sounds. As symptoms of congestive failure is increased systemic venous pressure, hepatic and peripheral edema tosplenomegali occurs.

Pulmonary interstitial and alveolar edema often seen with radiography. Hilar vascular shadows, borders and belirsizleşir, thickened interlobular septa (Kerley B lines).

Pulmonary edema pulmonary functions

Pulmonary edema in respiratory functions consist of restrictive nature. Vital capacity, reduced compliance, vascular resistance increases. If a more serious nature edema residual volume, airway resistance increases air flow is reduced and the respiratory tract. Positive-pressure breathing increases compliance, but not a change in pulmonary resistance. intravenous aminophylline and bronchial vascular resistance and compliance as well as fixes.

Patients often have hypoxemia. Interstitial edema, hypoxemia is more serious cases. However, normal or decreased arterial pC02 kanırda. Too serious a significant edema formation of oedemas alveoli filled pC02 increases as a result of alveolar hypoventilation, a respiratory acidosis develops. The main cause of hypoxemia in lung edema due to edema interstisiyumdaki prolongation of the road for gas diffusion and ventilation / perfusion balance relates bozulmasiyle.
Kidney disease can develop pulmonary edema. This is mainly because of pulmonary edema is left heart yetersiliğidir diseases. Intravenous fluid given to the elderly, especially in the postoperative period and pulmonary edema may husule. Facilitates reduction of blood proteins in lung edema.
Some of the people living at sea level in a short period of time (eg 1-2 days) 3000 meters or more above pulmonary edema can occur when they came out. Or living in the heights when they return to the old place a few weeks after sitting down climates may develop pulmonary edema. This has the effect of cold air and exercise in the occurrence of edema. Pulmonary veins constriction, hypoxia, alkalosis, the lungs and pulmonary hypertension altitude edema are the major causes more fluid to pass. Oxygen breathing or the patient's immediate recovery götürülmesiyle sea level, is provided.

The primary treatment of lung edema and edema to facilitate the treatment of heart diseases or other factors, to correct the system.

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