Onion Juice can Cure?

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Onion juice cure for vaginal discharge, premature menopause at the same time, chocolate cyst, 3 cm. from small fibroids, menstrual irregularities and polycystic ovaries in women with a complaint which is an excellent solution. Cysts in the ovaries completely eliminates the

onion cure application

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Saracoglu against the current to be applied vaginally in women cured told onion juice

To resolve the onion juice cure vaginal discharge

1 medium white onion (not red or purple onions), cut into quarters, chlorine-free pre-boiled 2 cups of boiling water for 5 minutes after putting something else into the other katmadan ago 1 cup water for lunch and dinner. Kur 15 days to apply to end.

Onion cured pieces of the application period, do not mind. However, in terms of impact at the earliest 7 days after the end of the most appropriate time to start one.

2 after the application of curing see them again 10 days before your period is 5 days or 7 days cured apply the onion juice.

To get pregnant after you apply this onion juice cured cured figs apply. (Do not apply both at the same time course)

Warning: Do not apply more than 15 days to cure the onion juice.

When you start to implement this cure 2 - 3 akıntılarınızın been resolved, and how much from the day you will see how much amazement.

This cure premature menopause, chocolate cysts, 3 cm. from small fibroids, menstrual irregularity, and the women suffering from polycystic ovarian cyst is a perfect solution. Ovaries completely eliminated.

Onion ingrown hair cure

Herbal treatment for people living in the problem of ingrown hair specialist Ahmed Maranki advised cured onions.

1 medium onion for ingrown hair problems, or pan in the oven to heat. Until the temperature of your body can withstand the heat. Let stand for 20-25 minutes for your region, putting the onion in ingrown hairs.

Repeat 3-4 times this application. Onion cure ingrown hairs, and then wipe the area with rose water.

Onion juice diet weight loss

let's not forget that every diet should be done under medical supervision. Onion diet are as follows. Divided into 4 equal parts, primarily to extract the essence of onion bulbs are putting a pot to boil. We will add on the water, but how much less what it will be added to the water. Approximately 10 minutes duration will be set to a cup of boiling process is finished. Water will be colored gray. To squeeze lemon over after boiling. Do not be cold. Normal for a tea like içiyormuş. This is as fresh every day should be applied every day again. Allows you to reduce appetite, and weight of large quantities. Note Do not drink on an empty stomach of course. It smells a little but it makes you to lose weight.

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