Mellápolás (nursing breast)

* The breast is already alive and preserve the beauty of adolescence should be started, otherwise just a lot of trouble to ensure firmness and beauty.

* This is used to treat breast cleaning and moisturizer, rub it with peeling, massage non-alcoholic tonic, and apply a mask. If brown spots and discoloration appear, lemon juice, salt halványítsuk them.

* The skin of the breasts and enhance üdeségének tight to keep alternating hot and cold water shower gel to use. Hot-cold water sprinkle around mellünket at least five times a day and massage in circles with a brush or towel.

* Protect mellünket the day! The sun reduces breast elasticity, firmness and smooth appearance. The skin will be wrinkled! This prevented the use of high védõfaktorú creams, or wearing the swimsuit.

* Tornázzunk regularly! So as to enhance the large chest muscles, which rests on the chest, and from mellünknek will be good to keep. On the other hand can take care of a radical diet. The weight gain and weight loss, stretching the skin of the breast, and hastens to sag. Household lexicon!

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