Loeffler Syndrome

Chest radiograph of a temporary nature are infiltration and increased eosinophils in the blood. The disease typically recover up to 2 weeks. The main clinical symptom of a mild cough, fever and fatigue sübfebril. Sometimes these symptoms are absent or hard to overlook nature. Chest X-ray in the infiltration kuşkulanılır disease. Approximately 20% of blood eosinophils and the patient's own history supports the diagnosis of allergy. Radiograph infiltrates in the mobile, temporary and homogeneous nature. Concentration limit is not specific, may be single or multiple. Show the localization of a segment. Concentration is reduced after a few days and 6-12 days will be lost. Lung infiltration-tions in some cases, nodular or round.

20,000 or more have increased blood leukocytes and leukocytosis related to the increase in eosinophils.
Loeffler's syndrome may be caused by the different nature of many allergens. Ascaris lumbricoides is one of them (page 58), other parasites, and some medications such paraaminosalisilik acid (PAS), aspirin, penicillin, sulfonamides, and Loeffler's syndrome can lead to some pollens and inhaled allergens.

Chest X-ray diagnosis of pneumonia, tuberculosis, and away from the shadow of a temporary nature. Loeffler's syndrome supports the increase of eosinophils in the blood.

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