Herbal Breast Enlargement

March 12, 2009, was a guest on the program and called Esra Ceyhanla wonder that many women gave an answer to the question. Breasts of the ladies was little to complain about, talked about ways of herbal breast enlargement. That healing foods;

Avocado: Take a mature avocado. If avocado if not mature, wrapped in a newspaper from 2-4 days to wait. Peel off the thin shells are softened avocado. Mash with a fork, squeeze lemon over the .. Eaten 3 times a week. In addition, chemotherapy patients, is also very useful.

KARABA┼×OTU: breasts to enlarge them very useful.
BANANA: Anamur banana, eaten every day of the week, provides for her breasts to grow. But the first time in a week if eaten, can cause constipation.

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