Drug abuse and drug dependence is essentially characterized by an intense desire for a substance with excessive use is going through an understanding of its destructive power. Addiction begins when a conscious choice experiments with drugs or prescription drugs are a habit. When you build a tolerance to the drug, the individual is constantly increasing number of high doses of drugs "to get the same euphoria, or". Over time, drug use is out of hand and obligations that lead to addiction.

But to understand the addiction treatment reveals the spiritual, physical and spiritual causes of the reasons that led to the abuse of addictive substances is necessary. Solely for the purpose of treating drug addiction include:

* Stop Drugs
* Maintaining drug-free lifestyle for the rest of an individual's life
* Productive function in family, work and community settings

The object of our addiction treatment are intended to be friendly, more luxurious life at all, while the individual is undergoing treatment for addiction and recovery. Unlike traditional software dependency clinic or hospital environment, our alternative treatment and recovery facilities have a friendly staff and clean environment, such as the house where you can recover in peace.

Gulf Coast Narconon program offers a chance to live drug free and sober life. If the drug has many aspects and disrupts the functioning of the individual seeking treatment for addiction is a slow process and difficult stage in life. To be successful addiction treatment program must be flexible, taking into account the different needs of the individual. Home or residential treatment, depending on the Narconon Gulf Coast has a 90.2% success rate, because the program:

* Ensure that the length of stay is flexible depending on individual recovery and progress
* Constantly changing requirements and the requirements of the program
* Home-like elegant, comfortable facilities is conducive for the recovery of addicts
* One-on-one care with a staff student ratio of 1:04
* Two day meeting to assess the specific needs of individual addicts

Phase addiction treatment program Narconon Gulf Coast
initial extraction of drugs: Helping customization medical supervision to complete cessation of drugs or addictive substances, with little discomfort. Each patient is assessed individually and according to physiological and mental state, the withdrawal plan is a partner.

Completion of uncontrolled urges: In this phase to accelerate the healing process by breaking the cycle of dependency. With a fixed combination of exercise, diet and nutrition sauna therapy in combination with other drugs, is eliminated cravings for drugs or alcohol.
Restructuring sense: Narconon Gulf Coast program addiction prevention and care for an individual to produce a life without drugs and sober. To achieve this, consultants work with individual families dependent and dependent entirely to create a coherent environment and craft a plan to drive away. This plan is the foundation step in life to reach new goals of the new order - a life of sobriety.

Outside cleaning: Once again, our Narconon Gulf Coast addiction treatment, as drug metabolites, which accumulated in the adipose tissue in the body over time but is evident in the urine and blood, expel the body. This step helps heal drug problem handling our lives.

We know that there is no standard program that satisfies everyone. In addition, because all the factors that drove you or a loved one with us, Narconon Gulf Coast, to ensure that each of the specific requirements to be considered, drawing from his treatment plan for addiction.

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