Circumcision is a surgical procedure where the skin (foreskin) of penis fragmented brightness, and a partial reduction. The procedure is done in the U.S. based on parental choice, for reasons of hygiene, religion, traditions, social norms and culture. This is normally done at age 12-24 hours or when the child is physically stable. Rate this process has fallen in recent years around 62%.



Vital signs WNL, no signs of cold stress
Administration of vitamin K

Food / Fluid

Weighing less than 2500 grams (5 pounds 8 ounces)


Temperature WNL
Freedom of congenital malformations, no family history of bleeding disorders or a history of "proud flesh" scarring (especially black families)


Full-term infants (based on Dubowitz criteria)
Genitalia normal, no signs or Epispadias hypospadias, the testicles and scrotum street without hydrocele, Gates is still developing after birth, usually nonretractable

Diagnostic tests

CBC: Rules for the presence of anemia.
Coagulation studies: Determination of clotting problems.


Bid first parents with enough information to make informed decisions.
2nd Support for comfort and healing.
3rd Identify and reduce postoperative complications.
4th Short parent (s) in the care of a child circumcised.
discharge criteria
Void first final assembly process.
2nd No complications.
Parents third (and) understand the concerns and symptoms requiring further evaluation.

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