Chest and lung x-ray what are circumstances?

1 to 10 days, did not respond to antibiotic treatment and cough lasting more than,
2 - The dark, sticky, yellow-green color, or bad-smelling sputum,
3 - coughing up blood or bloody sputum, to bring
4 - to be wheezing when you breathe in, or,
5 - shortness of breath,
6 - All kinds of chest and back pain, especially pain sets in the style,
7 - high fever of undetermined reason,
8 - to escape the respiratory tract foreign bodies,
9 - The Breast of the impacts,
10 - Unjust loss of appetite, fatigue, weight loss, sweating, such as past cases must be pulling a chest x-ray.

Non-tiryakilerinin no complaints of chest x-ray aldırmalarında once a year if not, there are great benefits in terms of early diagnosis of lung cancer.
Chest X-rays found in a normal, even if we should not be kept. Diseases may arise in the next few years to assess the possibility of benchmarking should be noted that in order to provide very valuable.

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