Bronchoscopy in patients with bronchial cancer is suspected.
Is done under local anesthesia flexible fiberoptic bronskoskopi. Sübsegment bronchoscope bronchial branching can be up to. Characteristic appearance and location of the lesion Bronkoskopiyle examined. Yapmağa lesional biopsy should work. Materyelinin biopsy or brushing or lavage cytological and bacteriological examination of the material is provided. Bronchoscopy is finished and go up or down the effect of anesthesia after the disappearance of this initiative consists of extraction iritasyonuyla strong cough and sputum. Collect and send the histopathologic examination of the secretion of postbronchoscopic cough. This review is very important for diagnosis.

Furthermore, bronchoscopy, clinical, radiological and laboratory review-meriyle tuberculosis, infections, granulomalar and differential diagnosis of other diseases like lung cancer can be helpful. The needle biopsy material using computer tomography in the diagnosis Bronkoskopiyle konamamışsa taken. If necessary, open biopsy for cytologic diagnosis, or lymph node, subcutaneous nodules, pleural effusion, and bone lesions are taken material.

Surgical intervention should be mediastnoskopi particular indication.

Indications for bronchoscopy

1 - The main causes of hemoptysis in chronic bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia, other infections, granulomalar, lung cancer, bronchial adenoma'sı, metastatic tumors, bronchiectasis and lung abscess. If bleeding continues, and the diagnosis of bronkofiberskopi lot of useful information is provided by the lesion.

2 - Cause of severe and chronic cough, chronic cough, chronic obstructive pulmonary understood diseases, especially chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, bronchial foreign bodies, may be related to lung cancer or bronchial adenoma'sı.

3 - Clinical signs of obstruction (wheezing), local and permanent sibilan, ronflan heard Railer, bronchus and trachea kuşkulandırmalıdır incomplete blockage. Symptom of obstructive foreign body, neoplasm, tuberculosis, bronchitis, asthma, emphysema or scarring may be related to stenosis. Thyroid, özofa-gus tumors, thymoma, granuloma, lymphoma, or metastatic tumor in the trachea and bronchi lenfadeno-paws for signs of blockage by external pressure to cause.

4 - Atelectasis and condensation radiograph atelectasis suspected tumor-related, and other symptoms seen in the concentration.

5 - Other methods identify undiagnosed infections could not be obtained from broncho-pulmonary infections bronkofiberskop'la examination of the material culture and the other is applied. Provided so that the diagnosis of disease, especially in patients with sputum production. Controlling the effect of treatment is well tolerated and Bronkofıberskopi infections often can be repeated for tracheobronchial clearance.

Contraindications bronchoscopy

* Heart and lung function in severe decline
* Plenty of hemoptysis
* Abnormal condition of the patient due to fever
* The patient's general condition of the disease is too advanced or too corrupt to be there.

Dissemination of the material to be identified and obtained from bronchoscopy brushing or biopsy cytological examination of the material is made ​​without delay. This is not to spread the material as soon as possible or must be determined. Because so many times from the very small piece of tissue, a bath and dries quickly konursa loses the quality of cytological diagnosis. Therefore, patients receiving tissue to a total of almost 90% of alcohol in the container and daldırmalıdır yaymalı. Thus, material would have been detected. Küretinin bronchoscope with a needle tip material is taken. Received in 10% formalin solution for large material is determined.

Lung cancer is monitored bronkoskopiyle two main views:

The major lung cancer related to the I-Results of direct tumor, necrosis, infiltration, bronchial mucous membrane disorder, bronchial obstruction-force it.

II-Results indirectly related to lung cancer The major stenosis, narrowing or signs of pressure, edema, reddening of the mucosa or blood vessels dolgunluğudur.

The relationship between bronchoscopic and histopathologic diagnosis of lung cancers and bronchial localization features formed in different reaction rate is not the same as appearing in bronchoscopy. For example, squamous cell (squamous cell) carcinoma bronkofiberskopla 70% of positive findings, adenokarsinomada 30%, 60% of large cell carcinoma. Histopathologic examination of the material increases the diagnostic rate of bronchoscopy. Whisk in the abnormal tissue, or biopsy to make a more successful outcome are curetted. Applied to the study of the material obtained by curettage or biopsy Bronkofiberskopla positive diagnostic rate of lung cancer is approximately 95%.

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