BCG Vaccine

What is the BCG vaccine, BCG vaccine against the disease which apply?

BCG "Basil-Calmette-Guerin" stands for the words. BCG tuberculosis bacilli Calmette and Guerin called investigators bovinus type of feeding over the years from producing a bacillus that reduced their virulence. This is to prevent tuberculosis infection or infection with bacilli vaksinasyonu light passes. Mechanism of action similar to the flower vaccine: a non-virulence organism brought husule lesion subsequent virulent infection provides a protective effect. Useful in protecting against disease, mass BCG tuberculosis vaccine. In this regard, BCG has been a good result in Turkey.

0.1 BCG is injected into the lower deltoid region intradermik. 3-4 weeks after vaccination, a papule husule income, a few weeks later, the papule appears, and passes through a slight ulceration. Sometimes the adjacent lymph nodes may be a slight growth. After about 3 months from the BCG tuberculin test is positive. BCG on the location of secondary infection, abseleşme rarely, very rarely occurs in the local lupoid reaction. Rarely, erythema nodosum, and urticaria may husule. 2% of all complications, the ratio of the uncertain nature and the vast majority of them.

Incidence of tuberculosis in countries with more than the BCG tuberculosis prevansiyonunda the most effective and cheapest method. Families of tuberculosis, some patients or hospital personnel working in and sanatoryumlarda and danger of infection in these areas with more new doğmuşlara, BCG vaccine should be made ​​to children and adults. The incidence of tuberculosis is higher in patients with diabetes and diabetes patients, especially children, the tuberculin reaction is negative, BCG vaccination should be done.


Active tuberculosis infection mainly 3 groups of bacilli proliferate lesion:
1. Kavernlerde growing lesions such as extracellular bacilli. This growing bacilli in lesions is more than the other lesions.
2. Bacilli growing in macrophages.
3. Solid caseous nodular lesions and proliferating bacilli.

Antituberculosis drugs, alone, rifampin (R) 3 group of bacteria population is an effective bactericidal drug. Isoniazid (H) and extracellular (Intracavernous lesions), and the bacteria within macrophages bactericidal effect. Streptomycin (S), the only extracellular bacteria, bactericidal effect. Pyrazinamide (Z), intracellular bacteria, bactericidal effect. With similar molecular structures, such as streptomycin and kanamycin kapreomisin medicines given by injection show the extracellular domain. Ethambutol (E), etyonamid, paraaminosalisilik acid and cycloserine antitübeküloz drugs as well as other bacteria-Eustatic act.

Turkey accordance with the terms of the duration of treatment 9-12 months. Treatment, S, N, R and Z start with. 1-2 months after treatment, this quartet is cut Q and R, H, M to change according to the triple-drug treatment period, cases completed in 9-12 months. As a result of drug sensitivity of cultured bacteria studied drugs changed if necessary. 30% of newly diagnosed cases in Turkey-40 has one or more drug resistance. Both the diagnostic and treatment success in terms of culture and drug sensitivity analysis of mycobacterium tuberculosis etmemeledir neglect. R and H is the most effective drugs in the treatment of tuberculosis. If you have resistance to one or both of these drugs is longer than the duration of treatment. This is the best decision about bacteriological, clinical and radiological findings are according to the situation. Such as the short-term treatment of patients for 6 months basillerinin must be sensitive to all drugs used. A short period of time, especially for the treatment of drug resistance in the R & H and lack of culture-negative bacilli should be at the end of 2 months of treatment.

Both isoniazid and rifampin hemde be given three antituberculosis drugs in patients with sensitive bacilli in 12-18 months of treatment is continued.

Extrapulmonary tüberkülozlarda duration of treatment 12-18 months or longer. Evaluation is carried out according to the seriousness of the disease and treatment outcome.

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